3 Efficiency Tips You Can Follow for Your Building for Spring This Year

Spring is related to renewal and fresh start, so it is an amazing time to ensure that your commercial building is all set up and ready for spring and summer. Here are some tips suggested by Stendel Reich industrial architects for enhancing the efficiency of your building as the temperatures begin to warm up a bit.

  1. Inspect your air conditioning units

Your air conditioning units haven’t been in use all winter and accumulating buildup which can lead to more allergens, odors, lower air quality and higher operating costs. So, before you can turn the air conditioning on, it is always a wise decision to refresh the units so that they are fully ready to manage their jobs when the temperatures begin to warm up a bit. Clean the coils of the air conditioning units in order to boost the efficiency and enhance the air quality inside your building.

  1. Inspect all the mechanical equipment of the building

When it comes to checking your air conditioning units, you also need to invest some time in ensuring that other building equipment is functioning properly as well. A loss fan belt operates with less efficiency than the one that properly fits, which could cost you more money.

  1. Go green this spring

As the spring hits, you can go all ecofriendly too. If you are one then that is the greatest favor you can do to yourself and the nature too. But, know that that you can level this up as well. If you are not an ecofriendly person, then you can begin right now. You can consider starting a recycling program, using the recycled products and making the use of cleaning products that don’t contain any toxic chemicals. Here are more ideas to consider:

  1. Have the staff clean the building in the day time, in the natural light. This may not need the lights to be used for longer.
  2. Install motion sensors to turn the light on and off when the space is used.
  3. Install highly efficient LED lights everywhere including the exit signs as well.
  4. Create promotional items encouraging energy savings and include information on how they can do that in the company newsletter
  5. Include information on how much their own company has saved on electricity via different investments and initiatives.
  6. Reorganize your building in a way that the workstations are near windows which eliminates the need for lights in the daytime.