3 Reasons Why Porcelain Tiles Should Be Your Go-to Designing Options For House Decor

Renovating and revamping a house is not a cheap affair. It costs a lot of money. Owing to the fact that most people run on limited budgets, they tend to compromise on quality a wee bit in order to save money. However, instead of doing so, you can actually save surplus money by using porcelain tiles for floorings and walls. They are excellent cost-effective solutions for bathrooms, kitchens, living room, as well as driveways and swimming pools. When purchased by manufacturers and retailers like Carreaux Metro, you end up laying hands of the most refined porcelain options at the best possible rates.

Porcelain, a type of ceramic, is highly dense. Which is why it is an excellent water and moisture repellent. No brainer, that porcelain tiles such as Carreaux Metro bathroom tiles are wonderful for bathroom flooring and wall tiles. Some of the most wonderful benefits that these tiles offer are listed below.

  1. They Offer Excellent Finish

Porcelain tiles can be glazed as well as matte. Glazed are exquisite shiny pieces whilst the matte ones are raw and unpolished. Some of the best matte colors include;

  • Bianco matte
  • Grey matte
  • Anthracite matte

The primary differences between these two types are an attribute to their end finish. Thus, you can use them in unique ways to enhance the interiors. For example:

  • Glossy/glazed porcelain tiles are better options for smaller and darker rooms. Since they bounce light, the rooms look more spacious and brighter than they actually are.
  • Unpolished/matte tiles have a rustic charm. Which is why they are able to transform living rooms into something more natural and realistic.
  1. They Are Economical

There are many reasons that porcelain tiles are cost-effective options. The most significant ones include the following.

  • Installation cost is low because it is fairly simple to install porcelain tiles of all kinds.
  • It’s simple to clean porcelain tiles. Warm water mopping can easily remove dust.
  • These tiles don’t catch stain marks easily. As long as you’re careful to mop stains quickly, these tiles won’t catch color.
  • These are easy maintenance tiles that do not need a professional touch up. As a result, a lot of money is saved.
  1. They Offer Stunning Variety

Some of the best porcelain collections at iconic retailers like Carreaux Metro include the following ones.

  • Mainstone collection that includes rare greys and blacks in a modern format.
  • Alp Stone collection and Mayfair Polis collection for a contemporary touch.
  • Myspace collection for rustic and chic effects of modern decor.
  • New York collection for authentic retro charm.
  • Organic Brick collection in 5 unique shades.
  • Ice collection for imparting bathrooms with the breezy touch of the serene color of glaciers.
  • Ibel collection for a marble flooring illusion.