4 Benefits of Composite Decking

If you are among the multitude of homeowners looking to increase their outdoor living, installing a deck may be for you. The addition offers nearly year-round entertainment with a prime spot for barbecues, parties, card games and other social events. There are many decking options on the market, but composite decks have emerged as a favorite. Made from composite lumber, these decks offer several advantages over their wood and vinyl counterparts.

It’s Durable

Composite decking is renowned for its durability. The material is resistant to both insects and weather, so there are no concerns over having to replace boards due to wood rot. Its moisture-resistant properties also eliminate the risk of warping and splitting.

It’s Low Maintenance

Compared to other types of decks, composite decking is virtually maintenance free. You won’t need to spend hours staining, sealing or repainting, which also saves money during the long life of the deck. Upkeep is limited to sweeping off debris, and then washing with warm soapy water. For a deep professional cleaning, search for deck pressure washing Richmond VA or in your area.

It’s Safe

Unlike wood decks, composite deck boards won’t splinter, making it safer for kids and pets. The boards also are engineered with long grooves, which greatly improves traction when walking on a wet deck. Its moisture-resistant qualities also mean loved ones won’t fall through rotten deck boards, and the risk of loosened fasteners is also reduced.

It’s Attractive

Composite decking is surprisingly versatile. Some models perfectly mimic the look of an authentic wood deck, while homeowners also have an opportunity to select a deck from a variety of colors and styles. The color in composite boards is manufactured into the product, so it won’t fade like a wood deck does.

There’s a lot to like about composite decking. You’ll certainly love all these benefits, but the greatest gift will be the fun and excitement that awaits on your new deck.