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4 Reasons Your Gutters are Leaking

A leaky gutter may seem like a trivial home maintenance task, but you could cause extensive damage to your home if you ignore it. Gutters prevent excess rainwater or melting snow from entering your home’s roof, interior walls, or foundations, and from ruining your lawn. But what can cause your gutter to leak, and what should you watch out for? Here are the four most common causes of gutter leakage.


A common cause of gutter leakage is because dirt and debris have accumulated and blocked it, preventing water from flowing. If excess water can’t drain away, it will overflow the sides instead. Regularly cleaning your gutters, particularly after fall, and installing gutter protection systems Seattle helps keep everything except rainwater from getting into your gutter.

Loose Fixings

Most gutters use hangers or brackets to attach to fascia boards. However, these fixings can wear down over time, and if you lose too many, cause your gutter to pull away from your roof. Without a gutter, you have no way of catching run-off, and it can get into the fascia, causing water damage.

Holes and Cracks

A small leak could be down to a crack or hole in the gutter. You might be able to fix it with a waterproof sealant, but you may have to replace the entire damaged section of gutter if it’s likely to cause problems. To determine the extent of the damage, pour water into your gutter to see where the leak is coming from.

Improper Slope

All gutters hang on a slight slope to allow gravity to keep the water flowing. If your gutters begin to sag or if they were attached incorrectly in the first place, the water won’t drain. Instead, it’ll pool in the gutter, where it can cause rust and erosion.

Annual gutter maintenance should form part of your household to-do list each year. Until then, make sure you repair any leaks before they get worse.