5 Benefits of Custom Seagrass Stair Treads

Are you tired of excess noise in your home? One of the most common areas of complaint among homeowners is the stairs. Kids tend to run up and down stairs and cause a lot of noise. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy solution available that offers a variety of benefits in addition to noise reduction. Here are five of the top advantages you’ll benefit from if you purchase quality treads (such as Sisal stair treads) for your home.

  1. Noise Reduction

Carpet stair treads can reduce noise. When feet fall on carpet treads instead of hardwood floor, the resulting sound is quieter. Whether you’re a young parent with small kids or a grandparent whose grandkids like to visit, stair treads can restore your sanity.

  1. Safety Factors

Hardwood stairs can be slick and dangerous, especially if you take them at high speeds. A variety of injuries can occur from falling down the stairs, including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and nerve damage. If you’re concerned about your safety or the safety of your other family members, installing stair treads carpet can give you great peace of mind. Choose treads that provide good grip and make it easy to maintain your footing when traveling up and down the stairs.

  1. Sisal Stair Treads Appearance

While hardwood floor is beautiful, custom Sisal stair treads add dimension and visual interest to your stairway. They come in a variety of colors and textures, so you should have no problem choosing treads that complement your home colors and décor.

  1. Easy Installation


Unlike regular carpet which can be very tricky to install in a room, stair treads are easy enough for practically anyone to install. They come with simple instructions and take just seconds per tread. You’ll just need to purchase and use double-sided carpet tape to complete the simple installation process.

  1. Simple Maintenance

Sisal stair treads are easy to clean and maintain. They repel water, which means you can pat-dry water spots with ease. It’s also difficult for colored substances to penetrate the natural fibers, so most spills don’t leave a stain behind as long as they are cleaned up quickly. Custom Sisal stair treads can also be vacuumed or swept, depending on your preferences. If you do decide to vacuum your treads, take extra care around the bindings so you don’t loosen them. You may want to use a small, handheld vacuum to clean your treads rather than a high-powered floor vacuum.

Choose Your Rug

Natural Area Rugs offers a wide selection of stair treads. To order a set or request a free swatch, call us at 1-800-661-7847. We offer a risk-free 30-day complementary return policy so you can purchase with confidence.