5 Garden Privacy Screens to Create Your Own Backyard Paradise

Imagine walking into your garden to relax, only to catch a glimpse of your neighbours’ private moments. Would you still be completely comfortable with strolling around your garden afterwards? Fortunately, you can easily make your backyard into a secluded haven with the help of a classy screen.

Need privacy screen ideas that can also turn your garden into a backyard paradise? Just take your pick from the 5 stylish options listed below.

Create a Secluded Garden Paradise with These 5 Privacy Screens

1.      Surround Your Backyard with Towering Bamboo Plants

The sight of a living wall made of bamboo can turn your backyard into a tropical getaway. With tall enough plants, you won’t even be able to see the neighbours’ houses anymore! You can plant bamboo on the perimeter of your property for a fast-growing, low-maintenance fence. Another option is to grow bamboo in planter boxes, which can be as intricate or as minimalistic as you wish.

2.      Put Up Some Decorative Metal Screening

You’ll be surprised to know that metal can create the feeling of paradise, too. The right decorative metal screening will lend a specific feel to your backyard. Choose from floral patterns that echo the Renaissance or geometric designs with an East Asian flair.

Match these privacy screens with the right outdoor furniture or garden decor. A stroll in your garden will feel like a visit to a foreign land!

TIP: A metal screen in a bronze or rust hue can blend more easily into your garden.

3.      Install Bamboo Privacy Screens for a Boost of Zen

Your backyard can be the perfect place to unwind after a long and stressful day. Try surrounding your garden with the straight lines and smooth slats of a contemporary bamboo privacy screen. Rest your eyes on these clean shapes, and you might just find it easier to take a deep breath and just be.

4.      Grow Vines on Lattice Privacy Screens for a Fairy-tale Feeling

There’s just something timeless and elegant about the unmistakable criss-cross pattern of a lattice privacy screen. Use this type of screen to grow delightful flowering vines. Your friends and family will admire the soft aesthetic of your backyard, while younger visitors might mistake your garden for a scene from a storybook!

TIP: Complement the lush look of climbing vines by setting up birdhouses and insect hotels where friendly local wildlife can settle down. Use a large enough birdhouse or pigeon house to block the neighbours’ view at the same time.

5.      Weave a Wattle Screen

Want your garden to look like a woodland hideout? Surround it with a wattle screen, made of twigs and branches woven together into a rugged privacy screen. Wattle screens are often built from scratch, making setup a bit harder, but the end result is more than worth it. You’ll feel like pitching a tent and roasting marshmallows once you’re done building putting your screen together!

Each of these 5 privacy screens perfectly balances beauty and function. No matter which one you install, you can look forward to enjoying a lazy day or relaxed evening in your private backyard paradise.

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