5 Ideas To Use The Cherner Counter Stool In Restaurants And Bars

The Cherner Counter Stool is a veritable icon. It’s tall, smart, and boasts a classic midcentury modern style appeal. So, while it’s perfectly plausible to use it in home kitchen islands and breakfast bars, it can look just as well in a professional restaurant setting. If you’re wondering how to work this look, let’s take a look at some amazing ideas that we’ve compiled for you just here:

1 The basic bar aesthetic

The sleek looks and comfortable design of the Cherner Counter Stool would be an excellent accompaniment to any restaurant or café bar. The trick here is to ensure that the finish of the stool complements the overall ambiance while also standing out within it. The good thing is that this particular stool is highly versatile and would look really good with almost all styles of bar designs. So, whether you’re styling a trendy liquor bar or just a conventional foodies joint, this stool would make a great addition to the place.

2 Unique café joints

The Cherner Counter Stool would be a great addition to café and fast-food joints where the design of the tables is kept deliberately higher. It’s more apparent in the latter genre, but can also be done in a unique café style ambiance to make a great functional and visual impact as well.

3 Wall mount vs. the Cherner Counter Stool

Wall mount seating is a must-have design element in trendy cafes these days. But since its height is usually kept higher than typical dining chairs, you can find it hard to find its seating counterpart on the other side. Instead of typical chairs, you can use the Cherner Counter Stools to spruce up the ambiance and create some visual contrast on both ends.

4 Correlating with the backdrop furniture

Whenever you use the Cherner Counter Stool within a restaurant bar design, make sure that it has at least some correlation with the rest of the furniture. For example, just ensuring that it matches the finishes of the table-tops can create an overall cohesiveness within your interior designs. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can also use the Cherner chair within the restaurant for a wholesome look.

5 Highlighting with accessories

If you’re incorporating the Cherner Counter Stools within a fancy and upscale bar design, then it’s best that you complement it with some great accessories. These may include the accent bar lighting such as the toe-kicks, rope lights, and even the overhead pendant lights. All of them will complement the finish of the stool while adding some extra drama to the whole ambiance.

6 Think: sushi bar

Sushi bars are classy, stylish, and infinitely trendy. They’d make a great pair with the iconic and minimalist beauty of the Cherner Counter Stool! The sleek aesthetic and clean design of these stools would complement the inherently Zen aura of such bars. You can contrast them against the countertop finish and even select a stool seat/back cladding that would match with the counters for that extra visual oomph!

So, this is how you can emulate the Cherner Counter Stool within restaurant, café, and bar designs. It’s a foodie heaven to sit in and its stylishness only adds to the overall appeal.