5 Smart Tips for finding the best mortgage rates in Seattle 

Getting a mortgage rate in Seattle requires a lot of time and effort. You need to shop around and compare the Seattle mortgage rates of all the mortgage companies. Buying a home is the largest purchase, savings $1000 on the price of interest can make a huge difference. In this blog, we are going to tell you the five smart tips for finding the best mortgage rates in Seattle. So, let’s get started. 

How to look for a right lender?

Finding the right lender involves more than just getting the best interest rates; you want to work with the renowned mortgage companies who will guide you throughout the process. 

Following are five tips to help you hunt the best mortgage rates;

Get your credit score in shape: Credit score is one of the most important aspects which make you an ideal buyer in the eyes of the lender. If your credit score is 720 then a lender will offer you a loan at the lowest interest rates. A good credit score refers that you always pay your bill on time, you are a debt-free and have stable employment. If you are struggling with your credit score, then it advisable to shape your credit score and then apply for a mortgage loan.  

Employment and income stability: Mortgage lenders prefer candidates who have been the job for at least two years and have a stable income source. Self- employment and long period of unemployment won’t bode well for your application. Always keep in mind, lenders tend to unusually strict when it comes to unemployment and self-employment. 

Look online for a mortgage company: Take advantage of the internet to search for an ideal mortgage company. All renowned mortgage companies have their websites. All you need is to do, review their sites and read their terms and conditions. Once you review their websites, compare their interest rates. Choose the best mortgage companies who is offering you a loan at the lowest internet rates. 

Use Mortgage quotes: Use the mortgage quotes to get the best mortgage rates. All you need is to do, take a quote from one lender to another lender asking them to beat. This is one of the most effective ways to get lower mortgage rates.

Play frequently asked questions with your lender: Once you choose your ideal lender, ask some potential questions to him before committing to a loan. Below we have mentioned the list of the questions you need to ask before availing for a loan,

How Much of a Down Payment Is Required?

How many points does the rate include?

When can I lock in the interest rate?

Is there anything that could delay my closing?

Can You Get a Loan Rate Lock? 

Is There a Prepayment Penalty?


We hope this guide will help you to get a mortgage loan at the best interest rates in Seattle. If you are looking for the best mortgage lender, who will provide a mortgage rate with less paperwork and have reliable terms and conditions, feel free to contact us now.