5 Tips to Keep Your London Home Safe from Rodents

Rodents are hard to eradicate easily, but there are several effective ways to control it gradually. No matter where these insects are, we can help you with these 5 useful tips to keep your London home safe from rodents.

Tips for keeping your London house rodents safe

1. Cover any wall holes

Cover the holes in the walls tightly. Covering the holes is a basic way to do unless these will serve as their homes to reproduce rodents.

2. Use mouse traps

Use stainless mesh of thin wire or mouse traps to effectively cover the holes or easily trap the rodents. It adds another protection to prevent bypassing of those harmful creatures through the holes. It helps you to eradicate the pests that are trying to harm your family.

3. Plant a mint

Mint produces a strong aromatic smell that helps people to feel relax when it smells. In your case, this plant has another use to help you to reduce rodents from the attacking of your house because they hate its strong smell. Simply plant the mint in your garden to effectively control the rodents entering your home.

4. Clean your house regularly

Maintain the cleanliness of your house inside and outside. Keep everything cleaned for your best safety and family. Seal the food containers tightly to ensure the rodents would not be attracted to it. A home with proper management and a clean environment as a whole will bring a secure and healthy, happy family.

5. Tidy up your garden

Fallen fruits from the trees and leftover foods by birds must be removed immediately from your garden. Get rid of any unnecessary old appliances or devices because it may be a perfect home place for the pest.


Keeping your home safe from these harmful pests is challenging, but it is worth it to do. Preventing it is the best cure and medicine to make your house and family safe, healthy, and secured. However if you fail, consider hiring company like Pest Free Mike for pest control and pest proofing in London.

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