7 best ways to make your home bug-free

Bugs have always been trouble in the household and people can’t stand having bugs and pests and are very scared of them. As autumn season arrives many bugs and pests find their way to protect themselves from the upcoming winter. Some bugs like bees, scorpions, and many others may cause painful stings and some like mosquitoes and ticks can cause many health diseases. Even cockroaches and flies can cause major diseases like asthma, allergies and many other health disorders. To get more information about these you may log in to http://www.housener.com/. But before we should know what attracts these pests? 

Like humans are attracted to food, insects are also attracted to food and shelter to survive. If you are aware to know about what food attracts bugs and what are their hiding places you can reduce the interference of bugs. By disturbing these by tightening the entrance of these pests you can get rid of these bugs and pests. 

Some pests and bugs that are more popular in annoyance:

– Mosquitoes are on top of the list as they suck blood. These may cause dangerous diseases like chikungunya, yellow fever, and many other death-causing diseases. To get rid of these death-causing diseases you should remove stagnant water where they lay eggs. And there are many places these waters can found like in potted plants, inside old tires, buckets, etc. 

– Ants are the other bugs and insects which are on the list of annoying insects. They live in large colonies and underground. Just provide some food with borax a natural undetectable substance to eliminate these ants.

– Spiders are quite beneficial but once they enter the house start making webs that are troublesome. To remove these bugs, use Cimexa dust and Webster brush to remove them.

– Seal the house, the first thing you should do to prevent the entrance of bugs and insects. Block every and entrance and cracks of the house which can be the benefits point for the bugs to enter.

– Always empty the trash bag to prevent bugs and insects.

– White vinegar and water put it in a spray bottle and spray it around the windows and in garden areas.

– Always clean the floor, to no longer attract the bugs and insects.

There are many other ways to remove these bugs and insects from your home. So, wash your clothes and clean your surroundings to get rid of these. More info available on http://www.housener.com/.