Abundance London

Abundance London is a voluntary organisation which aims to reconnect people with nature, even if they live in an urban setting. They aim to protect any nature that can be found in built-up areas so that it is there for others to enjoy. They carry out tasks such as fruit harvesting, planting, and education to really encourage people to engage with the nature that is all around them. They also perform rubbish removal in London so that the beauty of nature can really shine through. They are pioneers when it comes to really making London beautiful, just like Clearabee.

Who are they?

As well as an army of volunteers to help them, Abundance London is run by three women. Sarah Cruz is a graphic designer with plenty of awards under her belt. She specializes in dealing with abundances in food and she actually served in an organisation before joining Abundance London which helped deal with food gluts. Dr. Karen Liebreich, MBE is a historian and author who has a passion for horticulture and education. She has served in many different charitable organisations in the past and has actually received an MBE for the efforts she has put into the local community. Karen Wyatt has also been involved in many charitable organisations in the past and now works as a chartered accountant. When it comes to rubbish removal in London and the beautification of the city, they really are a dream team.

Fruit picking

One of the many tasks that Abundance London gets involved with is fruit picking. If you have a look on their website you can see a map showing where trees that they usually pick from are located across London, where they usually have permission from the owners of the land. They believe that harvesting fruit is not only important for the environment because it encourages more to grow but also that it helps to feed the community. Harvesting food and creating delicious recipes with it also goes some way to educating the community about the nature that surrounds them and the bounties that it provides. They believe that if they can demonstrate the gifts that nature has to offer they can encourage communities to really get involved and start to look after their environment. A community that cares is certainly beneficial when it comes to ensuring that rubbish removal in London happens.

Guerrilla Gardening

Abundance London has also been involved in many guerrilla gardening projects aimed at creating havens of nature within urban areas. They have helped to create many beautiful areas that local residents have really grown to appreciate. Many of their projects have been based in areas that have been left to their own devices for too long and have become hotspots for litter. They usually start by performing rubbish removal in the London areas and then making sure that the area is weed-free. They then plant fruit trees as well as a variety of other plants to really make the area beautiful and discourage further littering. Just like Clearabee, they want to make London beautiful and free it from the eyesore that is rubbish.

Clearabee is a company that can work alongside charitable organisations such as Abundance London. They offer rubbish removal services in London that are extremely easy to organise through their skip bag service or man and van service if needed. The really great thing about them though is that they work really hard to recycle as much of the rubbish that they collect as possible. Indeed, they manage to recycle as much as 90% of the waste that they collect, preventing the majority of rubbish from heading straight to landfill.