Bed Desk a Multi-Tasking Marvel

Whether you have to work in bed due to illness or injury, or you just like to, this adjustable bed desk will more than meet your needs! If “bed desk” brings to mind an image of a bamboo tray with folding legs, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Think of a hospital bed table on steroids, with a plethora of not just useful, but necessary, extras that justify calling it a desk. And that’s just the standard package.

Starting at the top, you’ll find an adjustable LED light, but that’s not all, because this desk has power.  The 8-foot cord provides power to 4 grounded outlets and 4 USB ports, conveniently located on the main support. The upright support is also where you’ll find an open storage compartment and a storage drawer. An LED nightlight with 3 lighting levels is located below the storage compartments, and controls for the lights are placed within easy reach.

The desk height adjusts between 29″ and 44″ from the floor, making it convenient whether you’re working in bed, a chair, or standing (even if you’re tall!).  If you want to put a tilt on things for reading or writing, the desk can tilt up to 45̊ toward you. It can be rotated and folded down when not in use. Need to move it? The adjustable bed desk is equipped with 3″ casters that handle carpet as easily as smooth floors.

The bed desk comes in black or brown and can be ordered for left or right side access. It can also be ordered with extras that will put everything you’re likely to need within easy reach. The reasonably priced accessory kit includes a cup holder, lidded trash can, open shelf basket, and a small storage bin for miscellaneous odds and ends.  With the exception of the open shelf basket, the accessories attach to the sides of the storage section. Because the system is modular, you can arrange and rearrange until you find the perfect configuration. The basket fits in the open storage compartment, on top of the storage units, or in any convenient spot.

If you’d rather have a 2nd drawer to keep your supplies out of sight, just order another drawer and slide it into the storage compartment space. Still need more room? You can add an open storage compartment with or without a drawer for extra storage space, and to keep your work area neat, tidy, all in one place, and all within reach.

With a desk capacity of 100 lbs, lights, storage, and all those extras, this adjustable bed desk is an excellent choice for anyone who needs or wants the ability to work in