Benefits of Synthetic Lawn Installation

There is a reason that synthetic lawn installation is becoming so popular. Water conservation is the main appeal. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, landscape irrigation accounts for 1/3 of all of the water that is used within a household.

Environmentally Friendly

Let’s take that further, and talk about how this figure translates into synthetic lawn installation on a sports field. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, a typical sports field made of regular grass uses about 500,000 to one million gallons of water in a year’s time. Using synthetic turf means all this water is saved. In addition to this, using synthetic turf eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers which are harmful to you and the environment.


Regular grass gets overused and can become unsafe. A regular grass field simply cannot remain resilient and looking good if it gets used every day of the week. Not to mention what it looks like if there has been a lot of rain. What about the months in the year when the grass isn’t growing? In these months, the ground can become a dirt field that is hard as a rock. On the other hand, a synthetic lawn remains functional and beautiful-looking, year-round.

Attractive Appearance

When it first appeared, synthetic turf had a fake appearance. Gone are those days. Today, synthetic lawns are designed to look very natural to the eye. There are many options to choose from when it comes to synthetic lawns, so you can choose the one that looks right for you. The great thing is that your synthetic lawn is UV resistant, so its color won’t fade over time.


Unlike regular grass, a synthetic lawn will not need much TLC. The great thing is that insects and moles won’t make it their home. You can expect your synthetic lawn to last from 15-20 years or more of wear and tear.

Other Places for Synthetic Turf

Sports fields aren’t the only places where synthetic lawn installation makes sense. Artificial grass works well to beautify parks and schools as well. Other places it is used include airport landing strips and highway medians.


The grass IS greener on the other side. Having a synthetic lawn means that your yard will look fresh, clean and green year-round! You will save money on your water bill. You will save time and energy from not having to spend your Saturday mowing your lawn. Enjoy the beauty and benefits that a synthetic lawn offers you.