Bring Home A Ravishing Timber Queen Bed Frame 

Bed frames and other furnishings are best made with wood for a lot of reasons. If you are recently planning to buy a new bed for your home you need to explore the different options available. Timber queen bed frame is a popular choice amongst consumers for their artistic designs and classy appeal. In fact, a great number of people are preferring timber over other wood variants for a lot of reasons. Keep reading to know more about the different types and uses of Timber.

A glance at Timber Wood

Timber, commonly referred to as Lumber is a special type of wood usually used for making beams, frames, planks etc. They are most beneficial for making structural objects. In recent times, timber queen bed frame is gaining immense popularity.

Timbers are categorized into two types hardwood and softwood. Some of the most common and preferred lumber woods are Bamboo, Cedar, Plywood, Fir, Spruce and many more. The following section highlights the salient features of some of the lumber wood.

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most abundantly grown organic material. Usually, bamboo timber is available in pale yellow and gold. It has been reckoned as the most promising building material. Also, you can mould it into different forms.

  1. Birch

If you think of craft-wood, this is the one. It is available in different types and the colour varies accordingly. Birches are economical, aromatic, with a natural lustre. These are mostly used for making high-grade furniture. One fine example is the timber queen bed frame.

  1. Mahogany

Mahogany is high-quality lumber which is most widely used all across the globe for making furniture, bed frames, fixtures, etc. This softwood timber is resistant to some insects such as termites. It is a slight flexible making it easy to work with. However, it can stay strong for years without getting warped or twisted. Mahogany is mostly used in making musical instruments.

  1. Cedar

Another high-quality timber is Cedar. If you need something that would give both the strength and appeal of exposed lumber, you definitely need Cedar. You might have often seen them as parts of garden structure or parks. One of the greatest significance of this type of wood is the resistance to weather conditions. Hence, it is highly durable.  Also, it has a very unique feature of reducing noise. Thus, timber queen bed frame made of Cedar is indeed a great option.

  1. Fir

Last but not least, Fir is recognized as the best of a timber species globally. Also, it is a premier product in terms of manufacturing an array of objects. It is used in flooring’s, pergolas and not to forget timber queen bed frame.

Taking good care of Timber

Most timbers are durable and long-lasting. However, the fowling are the few tips to take good care of timber queen bed frame.

  • Always use a soft cloth preferably cotton to remove dust.
  • Do not pull or slide the timber objects for better longevity.
  • You may use mild soap with water for thorough cleaning.

All home décor appliances add more value to your home. Hence, you should always pay proper attention to these assets.