Carpet: We Tell You Things to Know!

On the floor and sometimes even on the wall, the carpet envelops a room with its warmth and quaint charm. Carpet tile or roll, looped or velvet finish, installation, and cleaning, we explain everything you need to know about this Green Mats flooring.

When equipping your home with a floor covering, opting for residential carpet rochester ny allows you to install a comfortable and warm atmosphere, but also to have an extensive choice of textures, colors, and patterns.

Natural or Synthetic Carpet: Which One to Choose?

Among the natural fibers, you can opt for wool, which provides comfort, warmth and sound, and thermal insulation, or other fibers such as coconut, sisal, or sea or mountain rush. All very resistant, they are easy to install and contain no chemical substances. The synthetic fibers are, in turn, much cheaper. Polyamide, polypropylene, or polyester are very resistant to wear, and discoloration and are very easy to maintain. The ideal remains to choose a carpet treated anti-stain or anti-mite, to increase its lifespan and be able to maintain it more easily.

The backrest (more commonly called upside down), even if it is not visible, is a guarantee of the excellent quality of your carpet. The foam backrest is the most common on the market, thicker than the others, and it brings more comfort to your carpet. The felt backrest, which is growing more and more, is very easy to install thanks to its hook-and-loop bands, and also has the advantage of being an excellent thermal and sound insulation. The jute backrest is much more robust but less comfortable and requires the installation of an underlay.

The Different Types of Carpet Finishes

Depending on the use you will have and the room in the house where you want to install it, it is essential to choose the finish of your carpet. The velvet aspect will be more suitable for the living room or bedroom because it provides comfort and softness and contributes to a warm atmosphere. The curly element, much more resistant, is ideal for rooms with a significant passage such as a corridor, an entrance, or an office. The structured element is, meanwhile, a compromise between velvet and looped aspects, and therefore adapts to any room. So, look for professional help to get some advice and help with carpet installation omaha NE