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Herbal medicines may enhance fertility by supporting the natural functions of the ovulation and fertility process.

Chinese herbs for fertility. The herbs are usually given in complex formulas made of ingredients such as various extracts from barks roots leaves flowers and plants. There are thousands of herbs in the chinese pharmacy and each formula is typically customized. Chinese herbs have been used for approximately 2500 years to treat a wide array of health problems.

A meta analysis found that the appropriate use of chinese herbs increases fertility two fold within a four month period. A tcm practitioner will carefully determine the state of your imbalances and prescribe an individualized program of herbs acupuncture and diet to help you create the correct environment for fertility and pregnancy. Chinese herbal therapy is not focused on any one herb for fertility help.

Best quality chinese fertility herbs to help you get pregnant. Chinese herbs are rarely taken as single herbs but are rather prescribed as balanced targeted formulas to address whole body health and in turn fertility. Traditional chinese medicine herbs for fertility the national institutes of health conducted a study of 1851 women and found that chinese herbal medicine can improve pregnancy rates 2 fold within a 4 month period compared with western medical fertility drug therapy or ivf.

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