Choosing the Best House for Sale: How?

You are on a house hunt, just like many others. Do you want to know how you can still get a chance to buy a house with that killer competition?

View? First know your maximum mortgage

Viewing houses is great fun, but what if you can’t afford it? Do not waste time on houses that do not fit within your budget. So before you even go and have a look, request a no-obligation consultation with a mortgage adviser. He or she calculates your maximum mortgage. Then you know for which house you can look. Extra tip: go for independent mortgage advice. Then all lenders are compared for the lowest interest rates and the best conditions. This way you will certainly get a cheap mortgage that suits you. When it comes to the homes for sale in Costa Rica then be sure that you will be getting the best options for the same now.

Search broker offices on social media

Everyone is looking for a house on Costa Rica. That is why it is smart to keep an eye on other channels. A very simple way to stay up-to-date is to follow brokerage houses on social media. This has 2 advantages. First, you are close to the source. Real estate agents may place new houses on the market faster on their own Facebook page than they are on Costa Rica. A second advantage is that you can come across new homes at any time of the day. Maybe your palace will pass in your timeline while you wait for the bus.  

Be ahead of the competition, call that broker

Even better: pick up the phone. Who is the first to know about new homes on the housing market? Exactly, sales agents! A phone call to a number of brokerage firms can already do wonders. With a little luck, they will keep you in mind. Extra tip: search the broker’s website for a house that fits your wishes. Has this house been sold yet? Do you like the stupid and still make a call! You can use this house as a reference. The broker now has a good idea of ​​what you are looking for. This way he can call you if something equivalent is put up for sale.

Plan the pre-valuation before you bid too much

Due to the madness on the housing market, asking prices are not always realistic anymore. The chance is increasingly greater that you offer more than the house is worth. This causes problems if you then turn to the bank for your mortgage. They want to lend you only 100% (2018) of the appraised (!) Home value. That is why a pre-valuation before you start bidding is indispensable. Tip: make sure you have already thought about purchasing guidance at the start of your house hunt. If you have arranged this properly, then a pre-valuation is done in no time! Do you still need to look for someone who can arrange your pre-valuation after the viewing? Then you will lose a few days! We bet the competition is ahead of you?

Please do not forget the resolutive conditions

Decomposing what? You already have it there! Making an offer is not without risk. If you have not made proper agreements about resolutive conditions, you may just get stuck at a house that you cannot pay. In the first case you pay a fine that can amount to 10% of the purchase amount! So be well advised before you make an offer. Record the resolutive conditions with a professional who defends your interests. This way you know for sure that you are not committed to anything and you can place a bid quickly without any worries.