Cleaning offices and companies

Top-of-the-range cleaning services for offices and companies: over 200 companies have already chosen JK Cleaning quality

JK Cleaning carries out Professional Carpet cleaning services in West Midlands aimed at the hygienic maintenance of environments with low dirt content but which require a high standard of hygiene, such as offices and companies.

In fact, companies are jobs frequented by different people, both workers and customers, with common areas that promote hygienic conditions that are harmful to health.

In most companies the maintenance of spaces is now considered an essential aspect of company policies, since proper office cleaning is able to improve employee performance; from this we deduce that the optimization of the work starts from the correct management of the spaces assigned to it, for this reason a constant maintenance of the rooms is considered an aspect of primary importance.

But what are the disadvantages of having a dirty office? And what are the advantages of having a clean office?

According to a study published by Cornell University (USA), 90% of companies that benefit from an effective and constant cleaning program experience a 15% increase in the productivity of their employees.

Disadvantages of a dirty office:

  1. Bad smells in the working area.
  2. Stress due to the abundance of elements.
  3. Time wasted due to bad organization.
  4. Tension between colleagues if the office is shared.
  5. Bad internal and external image of the company.

Advantages of a clean office

  1. Improve business development.
  2. It reduces stress and improves comfort.
  3. It conveys seriousness.
  4. Transmits greater security.
  5. More pleasant and elegant image.

Maintaining an excellent degree of hygiene is vital in any work environment

Working in unhygienic offices, in addition to not being considered a good business card for companies that aim to give an impression of professionalism and efficiency, could adversely affect work performance.

Proper cleaning of the studio will be necessary to ensure a safe and adequate space for employees and also: it will help the proper development of the working activity and will transmit seriousness and elegance to the company.

An effective method of cleaning Commercial structures in West Midlands will make the environment pleasant and ensure that all the efforts of employees are concentrated only on obtaining a good job.

In this sense, a serious cleaning partner can be said to be a determining factor capable of influencing the future of the business.

How to keep the office clean: periodicity of activities

Our Office Cleaning and company cleaning service in West Midlands is treated in detail and thanks to our team, techniques, machinery and latest generation products that we use is able to guarantee optimal and quality service.

When we are about to clean a new company we find spaces with very different parameters; for this reason we believe it is essential to know the right techniques and the correct protocols to be used to ensure optimal and tailored intervention .

Depending on the needs of our customers, our professional cleaning services are performed on a basis

The interventions of professional cleaning companies are run with specific machinery and products for perfect sanitation of the premises; it is essential to remember that the office is an environment with particular features, both for the use that is made of it and for the way in which spaces are generally structured, and therefore requires proper hygiene and cleaning.

It is possible to request a sanitation treatment at small and large offices. Our team of professionals will intervene accurately with great attention to the common areas, furnishings and equipment they contain.

When it comes to cleaning a work environment, numerous activities must be taken into account to ensure a high level of hygiene, comfort and safety. The services offered by our professional cleaning company include:

  1. washing and disinfection of workstations;
  2. washing floors, with specific treatments for delicate surfaces;
  3. cleaning and sanitizing of furniture, seats, sofas and armchairs;
  4. cleaning bathrooms

Each of the spaces on which we are going to work will be treated with non-aggressive and highly sanitizing professional detergents.

Ensuring the cleanliness of your office is our best business card

For the execution of the office and business cleaning service in West Midlands it is always advisable to rely on professional cleaning companies that have specialized staff, adequate machinery and a proven wealth of experience.

Choosing JK Cleaning as a partner means counting on:

Specialized staff: companies that deal with cleaning often have very expensive machinery and use chemicals and consumables that can be dangerous; for this reason we choose only qualified professionals.

Suitable products: thanks to the training courses, the staff is able to use the appropriate detergents for each type of material and each machine. Our cleaning products are safe, are chosen by us and adhere to the environmental policies required by  CE standards .

Safety standards:  all our workers carry out safety training courses, and for this reason they are able to carry out the required tasks also in compliance with the safety regulations at work.

In offices, professional offices, as well as in any residential and industrial environment, cleaning and hygiene are the most important and immediate aspect that appears to the customer’s eyes and that reflects our image. To ensure optimal cleaning and hygiene, our company operates with   modern and sophisticated cleaning equipment that allows you to carry out, in addition to office cleaning services, also specialized services such as:

  1. Special treatments for floors (marble, granite, terracotta, Carpet Cleaning, parquet, linoleum, etc.)
  2. Sanitation of medical and food departments
  3. Services for special events and local cleaning after renovation
  4. Integrated material supply services
  5. Deracination and disinfestations
  6. Laundry service
  7. Hygienic / sanitary material supply
  8. Porter age and evictions

Working in the office requires energy and constant attention. A clean and healthy environment will encourage concentration and stimulate the desire to do.