Comparison of Commercial Window Treatments: Roller Shades vs Cellular vs Blinds

If you are searching for window treatments for a commercial property, you will find many types from which to choose. There are blinds in several categories, roller shades and cellular shades. Comparing them will help you to make an informed decision on dressing your windows.

Denver Commercial Window Treatments

Your window treatments in a commercial space, office building or apartment complex should be easy to operate, give you the versatility in lighting, fit your purpose and have the exact appearance you want. Choosing a custom manufacturer of Denver commercial window treatments will give you all the options possible in window coverings.

Commercial Roller Shades are Versatile

The number one choice for most commercial properties of any sort is commercial roller shades. Gone are the days of the simple white or off white roller shades as an affordable option for commercial businesses. Roller shades give you lots of options in a wide variety of levels of opacity, colors, fabrics, designs and you can even have custom logos printed on them to be seen from the outside when the roller shades are closed.

Roller shades have a simple appearance so as not to distract attention in a business setting. They are actually considered a minimalist window covering that blends in with the surroundings. They appear clean and attractive and are simple to keep clean. Roller shades are very functional, as you can choose a pull-down cordless shade or motorized window coverings to open and close them with the touch of a button for incredibly easy privacy and light control.

Cellular Shades in Sizes Galore

Commercial cellular or honeycomb shades are another great option for commercial spaces of all types. You can have custom cellular shades in a huge selection of opacity levels, shapes, colors and fabrics to suit your needs. The key benefit to this type of window treatment is that the little cells shaped like honeycombs trap the air next to your windows to save you big on your energy bills. In the summer, warm air is trapped and in the winter, cold air is trapped to allow your HVAC system to run less to keep your spaces comfortable. Cellular shades are considered a workhorse when it comes to energy efficiency. Custom cellular shades can be made to fit any specialty shaped window including arches, doors, and even skylights. You can also choose the cell size. The smaller cell sizes work best in smaller windows and the larger sizes work best in large windows so they don’t look overly busy. You can choose from an unlimited amount of color and texture options for your cellular shades. Another great benefit of cellular shades is that the cells absorb sound to make your inside of your space much quieter. This keeps employees from being distracted by cars in the parking lot and landscape crews when they are working.

Blinds, Blinds and More Blinds in Denver

Some businesses prefer to use blinds in their windows and the only drawback between blinds of all types and roller or cellular shades is that blinds accumulate dust on them and are harder to keep clean.

Mini blinds work well in smaller windows with a choice of vanes that are one inch or two inch wide. The commercial versions are made much more durable than a blind made for homes.

Fauxwood blinds have the elegance and beauty of wood, but they are made from sustainable products. They are also available at a lower price point than hardwood blinds and better for the economy. You can choose to have your fauxwood blinds painted in any color imaginable or have them stained to bring the beauty of the wood grain out.

Vertical blinds are a great choice for large windows and doors in your business. Commercial vertical blinds are made very durable and they are long lasting, so you won’t need to replace them any time soon. They are manufactured to be easy to operate and to stay cleaner than any of the horizontal blinds, as dust doesn’t accumulate on them. Vertical blinds are classic and will always be in style.

You can choose to have any type of blinds with fabric covering the vanes to make your project as breathtaking as you would like.

Automation is Innovative

All Denver commercial window treatments are made extra durable and safe, as you can automate them for ease of use or choose cord-free designs with a child-safe wand. More businesses are choosing automated window coverings every day for the ease of use and the ability to program them to open and close at specific set times. Some models even have sun tracking or temperature tracking options for the window coverings to open and close on their own. This type of innovation can save you money on your energy bills every day of the year and will soon pay for itself in your savings.

You should be able to choose the best option of window coverings for your particular Denver commercial space. Gong with custom made window treatments allows you the most freedom in choices and it is a turnkey service in which your windows are measured, the products are manufactured and then they are installed for you. This means that all commercial window coverings you order will have a perfect fit and look great.