Contemporary Design 101: How to decorate your home in a contemporary manner.

One of the most popular interior trends of the last decade was contemporary designs. Its sophisticated allure, simplicity, bold textures, and unusual contrast makes it unique and endearing.

Contemporary designs can become cold and aseptic if not designed well. Places like Ambienti Designs, with its European aesthetic, excel in creating modern furniture pieces in a classy and comfortable environment.

A few tips to make an area contemporary include:


The contemporary color palette has a kaleidoscopic variety and offers a selection of basics, dark and bright colors. The colors can vary from white and cream to dark purples or green. An effortless way to add a contemporary element to a wall would be to match a vibrant patterned wallpaper with a basic, dark, or bright wall color. Keep in mind that the more vivid colors should get used as accent pieces, and the majority of the space should have a lighter color palette for optimum effect.

Bold Lines

Contemporary pieces have bold, structured lines and balanced spaces. Bold and classy horizontal and vertical lines are evident elements of this design. You should opt for such aspects while choosing the furniture, fixtures, and any other decorative item. With the importance given to balanced spaces, in contemporary décor, the empty spaces on the furniture, walls, or between furnishing elements should be given prominence. This makes the room cleaner and less cluttered, with every detail standing out.


The floor of a contemporary space could be of the following kinds:

Wooden flooring.

Tiles: Ideally, white, ivory or light-colored tiles or marble are preferred.

Rugs or carpets: shapes and colors with bold lines should be selected to give a harmonious effect.


Lighting plays an essential role in a house and is critical in creating the right environment. For a contemporary feel to your light, you should opt for clean and minimal designs in glass, steel, or copper. Lighting solutions with high technical performance should be selected to ensure the highest level of visibility and comfort.

Elegance and attention to detail make an area contemporary. You should have essential features showcased at eye level, chose minimal and classy pieces in light and neutral colors, and focus on bold patterns and line. The importance of space should not be forgotten, and most importantly, the room should be sophisticated yet homely and comfortable. After all, it is your oasis and a place for you to decompress.