Create a Modern Entertainment Room with the Right TV & Furniture

Although not official, entertainment is becoming a necessity in the human lifestyle day by day. One can do without comfort but not without entertainment, then be it television, radio, or the internet. 9 out of 10 homes possess a TV set. However, not every one of us places that lavish TV set in a suitable entertainment unit. People usually neglect the utility plus decor factor of entertainment units and choose a simple table instead of it.

Entertainment units provide you with multipurpose storage options and enhance the beauty of your living room. You can now astonish your guests by transforming your living room into a modern entertainment room. If you are planning to buy one, then here are some of the best TV furniture designs that you might like:

Hope Sheesham Wood (Rosewood) TV Unit:

This TV unit is a classic piece made in the reddish-brown color of Sheesham wood. It comprises four drawers, two closed shelves, and an open middle shelf. The closed shelves come with glass doors for convenience. You can store your DVD player or setup box on the open shelf and remotes in the drawers below. Moreover, you can also adorn the tabletop with pictures or figurines besides the TV. The closed shelves can be used to store books and drawers for quick stationery items. It is an ideal pick for traditional decor.

Greta Engineered Wood TV Unit:

This modern TV entertainment unit is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. It features dual-tone colors made from teak wood. It has an attached freestanding shelf with tempered glass. You can store your books or magazines in it. If you want to add an element of style, you can also use the shelf like a showcase decked with picture frames or figurines. There are three small open shelves for planters. It comes with two pull shelves and five open shelves beneath the table. Its beautiful style is apt for contemporary decor.

Hugo Engineered Wood TV Unit:

Another stylish furniture piece, Hugo comes with a sleek design in classy teak and walnut color finish. It comprises of a closed shelf cabinet that can be used for storing books. The above three open shelves are provided to decorate your room with some indoor plants. The four small compartments beneath the TV table can be used for placing DVD players, setup boxes, and remotes. The two closed pull-out compartments and a middle drawer also provide extra storage for keeping your essentials.

Lauren Engineered Wood TV Unit:

The lavish white and walnut color finish is apt for any modern or contemporary decor. You can easily mount your flat-screen TV on this table. It comes with two planks for placing your planters. The small platform lets you place the setup box below the TV, and you can also place a DVD player and remotes on the open shelves beneath it. Moreover, you get three drawers for keeping all your essentials. They feature a pull ring knob for a dramatic effect. This TV unit is certainly going to add a style statement to your living room.

Myra Engineered Wood TV Unit:

Myra comes with a standing cabinet shelf with tempered glass. You get a small closed cabinet with two drawers and four open shelves. The spacious compartment for TV lets you easily place your entertainment set. You can keep your DVD player, home theatres, speakers, and setup boxes on the open shelves. The cabinets provide extra storage space for books and magazines. You can also decorate the entertainment unit with figurines, pictures, lights, or plants.

Kepler Sheesham Wood TV Unit:

Simplistic yet elegant, this TV unit will adorn any smaller spaces. It comes with two closed cabinets and one open shelf. You can place a setup box or DVD player on the open shelf. The closed cabinets can be used as an extra storage space for books or bags. The tabletop comes with enough space that can accommodate not only your TV but also your home theatre and speakers efficiently.

Daisy Engineered Wood TV Unit:

Indeed an ingenious design, this furniture comes in light oak and white gloss color finish. This square-shaped TV unit comprises of closed cabinets throughout from top to bottom and a space in between. You can conveniently place your TV in the area. There is a wide drawer split in two, big enough to accommodate all your essentials.

Make a Choice!

With so many designs available online, you might get confused to pick one. However, make sure to do your research, compare two products, fix a budget, and then purchase.