Different Types Of Plantation Shutters In Box Hill

Plantation shutters are also known as plantation blinds. Plantation shutters will help you to make the house beautiful. Best quality plantation shutters in Box Hill can be used for more than ten years. Plantation shutters have wide louvres. It is one of the popular window covering and it is used in many countries mainly in warm states. For an elegant look, you must select large size louvres. Large size louvres are mostly used in bedroom and dining room. Different types of window treatment can be used for kitchens and dens. Most house owners prefer white colour plantation shutters because of its royal look and few people prefer colour stained shutters to match the interior design of the house. In this article let us discuss different types of plantation shutters available in the market.

Different types of plantation shutters in Box Hill:

Based on the material used plantation shutters are divided into three types. They are vinyl, wood, and composite.

Vinyl plantation shutter:

Vinyl plantation shutters are very less expensive. But if you buy a plantation shutter for a very less price then there will be some problem in the structure of the shutter. For stability purposes, aluminium or PVC support is used for the vinyl plantation shutter. But they do not contain wood particles in it. It can resist extreme weather condition and it is best suited for high moisture places. Different types of vinyl plantation shutters are listed below.

  • Hollow vinyl plantation shutters: It has hollow frames. It is available in limited sizes because the hollow vinyl frame cannot withstand heavyweight.
  • Structured hollow vinyl plantation shutters: For weight support, this type of shutter has a vinyl skeleton.
  • Solid vinyl plantation shutters: In this type, the hollow vinyl frame is filled with PVC. They are less expensive and more stable when compared with hollow vinyl plantation shutters.
  • Solid vinyl plantation shutter with aluminium insert: It has a lighter profile for extra support.
  • Vinyl-clad plantation shutter: This type shutter is made up of hardwood and vinyl is used to wrap the hardwood frame. They are more durable and best known for its strength. It is resistant to moisture.

Composite plantation shutter:

Composite plantation shutters are also known as engineered wood, faux wood. Faux wood shutters are made up of engineered woods and the exterior coating is made using PVC or vinyl. It is very strong when compared with other shutter types. Composite plantation shutters are resistant to humidity and weather. It is the best alternative for wood shutters.

Wood plantation shutters:

The standard wood plantation shutter is made up of basswood. The ration of strength and weight is very high. So the weight of the wood plantation shutter is very less at the same time they are very strong. They are available in different sizes and shapes. If needed you can also customize as per your need. For changing the shutter colour you can use stains or paints which is not possible with the composite and vinyl shutters because they are prefabricated into a particular colour and style.