Essential Options are There with the Heating Furnaces


It’s right to purchase such a technique in advance, since with the onset of cold weather the hype around it also increases, prices rise and the choice is very poor. There are many types of heating devices: wall, floor, programmable and simple. Further, we will talk about how to choose a reliable and safe electric heater for the home. The use of the heating furnace – Athens, GA happens to be a very important matter now.

Types of heaters

Heaters can be of various types, run on electricity, gas or liquid fuel. Here are the most common ones: 

  • Oil.
  • Convector.
  • Electric fireplace.
  • Infrared.
  • Carbon
  • Fan heater.
  • Gas.
  • Ceramic
  • Wall heater. 

Heating the room from the heater can be carried out by air circulation or radiation. In some of them, manufacturers integrate humidifiers and air filters . Depending on the types of heaters, they can be installed on the floor, suspended on a wall or ceiling, installed under floor coverings or mounted in suspended ceilings.

General characteristics of heaters

To decide what to choose a heater for the home, it is worth examining their general characteristics.

Heater power

Starting the choice of an electric heater, first of all, you need to determine its power. As a rule, power is calculated at the rate of 1 kW per 10 sq . M. By correctly calculating the total area of ​​the room, you can easily determine the required heater power . Another factor that affects this type of insulation and glazing, the number of windows, wall thickness, that is, those factors that can serve as sources of heat loss . The more such factors, the more powerful the device is needed for heating. Therefore, when determining this parameter, pay attention not only to the area of ​​the room. For example, for a room of 15 square meters. m. 2 kW of the heater will be enough . For daily use, it can be turned on at incomplete power, and in severe frosts – at full. 

But we recommend taking power with a margin of about 20-30% so that you do not have to turn it on at full capacity, forcing it to work at the limit of possibilities. This will extend its service life and increase operational safety.


As for the management of operating modes, manufacturers of heaters are electromechanical or electronic devices. The temperature scale of the electromechanical controller simplifies the choice of operating modes, and the digital display on the remote control ensures comfortable operation of the device. Using the remote control on the electronic display of the heater, you can set such parameters as: temperature, operating mode, time. And the indicators on the body of the device will indicate its inclusion and operation mode. Electronic control maintains the set temperature with an accuracy of 1 ° C, and electromechanical – up to 5 ° C. 

Operating modes

The main mode of operation of the heater is “comfort mode”. It provides optimal living conditions with relatively low energy consumption.