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Double sinks are useful with large counter tops where you have plenty of room. A double sink is not necessarily necessary, but is comfortable when cooking and washing up. Don’t have a dishwasher? Then definitely opt for a double sink.

When setting up the baby room there is a lot of factors that you have to take into account. That it must be a pleasant and atmospheric place is certain, but there are still a lot of other aspects involved. The layout, the hygienic aspect and of course safety are also important. You can find tips and inspiration for a successful baby room design here.  In case of the baby room of the 3 room bto renovation you need to think of the below mentioned points.

Setting Up A Baby Room: The Layout

As a first step, it is best to start by drawing up a checklist for all your requirements and their specific requirements. This way you can more easily determine where everything should go and you also get a well-organized baby room. The following items should certainly not be missing.

Furnish baby room

The Cradle And / Or The Bed

The ideal place to place a crib is in the center of the room or against a wall with sufficient space around it. This way you can easily reach the cradle and your baby cannot protrude unwanted mischief. Certainly do not place a cradle next to heating elements or windows. These have a strong influence on temperature fluctuations and can also be dangerous.

Changing Table

A changing table in the baby room is very practical and avoids a lot of walking back and forth. Always provide enough space next to the changing table so that you can easily have all the essentials at hand just bending over or turning over can be enough for your baby to clamber away. The ideal height of a changing table varies between 90 and 115 centimeters.

Baby room bed

Single Seat Or Rocking Chair

A place for yourself should certainly not be missing in the baby room. Choose a relaxing seat or rocking chair so that you can fully enjoy this beautiful moment. Also giving the bottle becomes a lot more pleasant.

Setting Up A Baby Room: Safety

Safety is often forgotten during the design of the baby room. Although most children’s furniture is specially adapted to your little rascal, the environment in which they are located also plays an important role. You should definitely avoid sharp corners and small objects. Furniture also wears out, so you should check it regularly. Also respect the recommended usage time. Most baby room furniture has a lifespan for two children.

Baby room changing table

For babies it is sufficient to create a safe environment around the crib and the changing table. If your child can also play on the floor, you will have to see that there is nowhere to crawl up, prevent sharp corners and close everything properly. If possible, always let the door of the baby room swing out. That way, nothing can ever block the entrance.

Decorate Baby Room

Nothing better for your child than a colorful and cheerful baby room. By using soft materials and colorful figures you turn the baby room into a cheerful place that makes the fantasy run wild. If you don’t feel like getting creative yourself, you can also buy a lot of fun decorative materials.

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