Extending The Life Of Carpets Through Professional Carpet Cleaning 

The importance of cleaner carpets in homes, hotels and other business establishments must never be taken for granted. A dirty carpet can be harmful to health as it becomes the home of bacteria and different kinds of allergens including moulds and mildew. Dust mites and dirt that are deeply embedded in the carpet fibres may cause skin diseases and trigger allergic reactions. 

While it is true that professionals in carpet cleaning use the same methods as DIY carpet cleaning, the difference is the equipment used that avoids over-wetting and the build-up of residue from the detergents applied. Powerful and sophisticated equipment are used in the application of carpet shampoo and hot water extraction. Vacuums used in carpet cleaning and hot water extraction system are usually mounted in trucks with its integrated power and water source. 

Stain removal is usually included in carpet cleaning but it is sometimes treated as an extra service if the carpet is severely stained or there are individual stains that cannot easily be removed. Cleaning results are usually improved through the application of a cleaning agent minutes before the cleaning process. The cleaning agent will dissolve the dirt, grease or oils to make the cleaning process easier and faster. 

The good thing with carpets nowadays is the coating that helps shed spills from the carpet fibres. However, even if the spills are removed, odours remain. The smell of animal urine is difficult to eliminate without over-wetting the carpet. There are instances when the urine has penetrated the backing and pad. Deodorizing is only a temporary solution because it only masks the odour with something pleasing. 

Removing the unfavourable smell of your pet dog’s or cat’s urine from the carpet can be an insurmountable task. The most effective solution is hot water extraction system that is mounted on a truck. Any lingering smells will be eliminated by the heated water and detergent that will be sprayed on the carpet. The wet extraction equipment will extract the water, detergent used and the deeply-rooted grime to achieve a hygienic and fresh smelling carpet. 

It is common practice for both homeowners and businesses to wait for years before they have the carpet cleaned professionally. By that time, the carpet barely resembles the original product. Professional carpet cleaning must be done on an annual basis to maintain the cleanliness of the carpets and to extend its usable life. When the carpet is cleaned through hot water extraction process, not only dirt, grime and unpleasant odours are removed but also insect and mould infestations. 

If you are in doubt on the right methods of carpet cleaning, check out the suggestions of the carpet manufacturer. You will find out that hot water extraction is the method of choice among carpet manufacturers.