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Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Texas Weather

Your Outdoor Oasis Kitchen

Southernrs love their barbeque and Texas is one of the states known for grilling just about anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a heatwave or if the cold winter wind is whipping through your lawn, all times are times for an outdoor oasis kitchen.

Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Several different things make an outdoor kitchen a huge hit. It can be time-consuming to carry all of your items outdoors to enjoy making a meal and entertaining at the same time. Then after you’re finished eating your outdoor feast with your friends and family, you have to take all your stuff back inside when it resides. Well, not anymore. You can add items to your outdoor kitchen so you won’t have the need to do all the extra walking in and out with your belongings.

What’s An Ideal Outdoor Kitchen?

Everyone’s outdoor kitchen ideas may include different items depending on their tastes and exactly what they like to cook outdoors. Most all outdoor kitchens include an outdoor grill of some sort. Do you prefer propane or charcoal for your burgers and steaks? Whichever type of grill you like best is the one to have in your outdoor kitchen or you can actually have both if you cook for larger crowds and can use both at one time.

Most of the time the bare minimum for an outdoor kitchen that you will use most of the year includes a grill, a countertop and a sink. You can actually have these three items together in an island and use the countertop for your meal preparation and of course the sink is needed to wash your hands and your meat platters so as not to cross contaminant your food.

Who Wants Pizza?

A versatile item for an outdoor kitchen includes a pizza oven. Homemade pizza is a fun activity when everyone gets to choose their own toppings. If you choose a wood-fired pizza oven, it adds an incredible flavor to your pizza overall including the crust and the toppings. Wood fired pizza ovens may have more than one level so you can cook two or more pizzas at the same time or they may be extra wide to cook two pizzas side by side on the rack. The cool thing about this addition to your outdoor kitchen idea is that your oven can double as a fireplace to cozy up to in the cold winter months as well.

Outdoor Al Fresco Dining

When you are cooking and entertaining outdoors, you will need an outdoor dining area for everyone to sit down and enjoy their appetizers as well as their meal and a cool beverage. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, although an outdoor glass top table and matching chairs are very nice. You can get by with simple outdoor plastic tables with folding legs and plastic lawn chairs as well. Using a lesser expensive option may enable you to add extra seating room at a nominal fee–because you can never have too much seating room in your outdoor kitchen.

Keep Those Brews Cold

It’s also helpful to have an area to keep your drinks and cold foods cold while you are outside. You can enlist the help of a built-in refrigerator in your countertop or use a simple design with a cooler on a frame that rolls so you can move it around. These usually have a bottle opener built into the side and a drain hole on one end to drain the water out after your ice is melted.

What About Lighting?

The long days of summer provide sunlight to cook by up until pretty late in the evening. However, the short winter days may not leave you enough daylight to get your meal done. It’s a great outdoor kitchen idea to add lighting to your designs. If you already have some lighting on your patio or porch where your outdoor kitchen is located, such as a bright security light, you may only need to add a small amount of lighting to be able to see what you are cooking and serving as well as eating. You can use some rope LED lights to add just a touch of ambience to your outdoor space without adding a glaring bright light source.

What’s Overhead?

A nice outdoor kitchen raises your property value; however, to protect your investment, you can opt for a pergola overhead or a full roof instead. This can keep your outdoor appliances in tiptop condition so they don’t get weathered and will all operate properly.

How About Some Music?

Adding a music source outdoors is a very easy task these days. Enter the all-weather outdoor speakers. You can choose a wired connection or upgrade your sound to blue tooth wireless speakers and stream your favorite music to it from your inside sound system or from any smart device, such as your phone or tablet.

What About Kitchen Landscaping Idea?

When you add some plants, flowers or herbs to your outdoor kitchen it makes it very relaxed and home-like for all of your family members and friends. You can add a few planters here and there with flowers or potted plants or enlist a landscaping service in Dallas Forth Worth to help you decide which plants are pretty much maintenance-free. This strategy can help you to have more time in your kitchen outside and less time doing your own landscaping services. It’s a good outdoor kitchen idea to plant fresh herbs in a planter to have handy for your outdoor kitchen with fresh and vibrant tastes.

Basically, your outdoor kitchen may be quite simple or on a much grander scale. You can add many different items to be very inviting and comfortable all year round. It’s also a good outdoor kitchen idea to add a garbage can with a lid and some storage space for your paper plates, silverware, glasses and cups outside. These two items will prevent all your guests from needing to go inside and outside over and over and can save you in electric costs too.