Finer Choices for the Door Sale Now

One of the questions that arise when deciding to replace interior doors, what size door to buy? To do this, of course, you need to measure the old door. The question seems elementary only at first glance.

The Right Choices for the Doors

There are a number of significant nuances in the measurement of doors. For example, it is a box. After all, we will also change the box. Now imagine an old door with a wooden box: the door is 80 cm, the thickness of the box is 10 cm, width is 10 cm. We bought a new door: width 80 cm, thickness of the box 2 cm, width 8 cm. And now we have to figure out how to put in a new one door to our doorway? And what to do with 8 cm slots on each side? In case of the best doors sale this is the best option now. You can be specific on this matter and that is the reason you can find the best deal now.

And imagine that the door is non-standard?

Or did you want to put an ordinary one instead of a double-leaf door that you do not need? In the latter case, it is necessary to somehow close the part of the opening – for example, lay it with a brick, or put the frame and sheathe with drywall.

The simplest option is new built houses in which the width of the openings in the interior partitions is already made standard (80-90 cm). It is only necessary to measure it (it is better on the floor so that the line is even and straight). It is also important to measure the thickness of the wall in order to select the extras (elements that expand the box).

  • The dimensions recommended by the manufacturer for the width and height of the openings for single and double doors.
  • Think about how many sides the platbands are needed (lining on the box covering its junction with the wall). Most often, in sets of interior doors, trims are installed on both sides, but it happens differently.
  • If your doorways leave much to be desired (uneven wall thickness, non-parallel sides, crumbling, fragile walls, etc.) It is better to call a measurer and trust the advice of a professional. Moreover, it is better to entrust the installation of the door in such difficult conditions to professionals.

If there is a need to change the doors in a house or apartment, or install linens in a new dwelling, there are difficulties in choosing the right solution among many products. For the right choice of a door to a house or apartment, it is enough to take into account several important factors, but it is important to build on personal preferences as well.