Get Recommendations on These 3 Professionals

If you’re new to an area, you might not know who to call when things go wrong. Online review sites have done a lot to help people find the best service professionals, but they’re not fool proof. Sometimes you really need to ask for personalized recommendations from real humans.


A good mechanic is hard to come by, and not something that a car owner can easily do without. You need to find someone who knows what they’re doing, who won’t miss important details and won’t overcharge you for parts or for labor. You don’t want to be stuck looking for the best brake service near me after your brakes have already failed. Ask where your friends get their cars fixed, and what they think of their mechanic. The longer they’ve been living in the area, the better. Remember, the best mechanics can rely on word of mouth instead of paid advertisements.


A plumber is another professional you’ll want to get personal recommendations on. Of course, online reviews are a good place to start, but firsthand knowledge is always going to be preferable. Remember to ask in advance, because when plumbing issues strike, you often won’t have time to wait for the right plumber to turn up. Damage from leaks and burst pipes can spiral quickly out of control and cause worse damage. Make sure that you know the best emergency plumber in your area before disaster strikes.


You might not think of your doctor as being someone that you need to get a recommendations on. After all, your insurance will cover certain doctors, and won’t cover others, so you’re stuck, right? Wrong. Ask around and make sure that your doctor is someone you can trust. More than that, they need to be someone that you get along with, someone whose personality meshes with yours, who will listen to what you’re saying and take your concerns seriously. Doctors, more than any other professional, will require personal recommendations. You’ll need to ask follow up questions about their style and personality. Someone can be a good doctor, but not a good doctor for you.

The beauty of recommendations from a flesh and blood person is that you can ask for more information, the kind of information you can’t always get from review sites. What’s true of doctors is true of other professionals as well: just because they’re good at their job doesn’t mean they’ll work well with you.