Hidden Shower Leaks &How to Find Them

Hearing drips or trickles coming from your shower in the middle of the night? Unable to find the source of the sound or any evidence of water leakages in your toilet? The answer may be lying beyond your naked eye’s ability. Indeed, hidden leaks are among a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Where a leak is left unchecked, it will continue to trickle behind your wall or under your shower recess for days, months or even years. Eventually, the volume of water contained behind your walls will have reached critical mass, enabling for structural damage. After all, give water sufficient time and it can erode, rot and damage any surface. This is especially applicable to leaking showers as the deceptively gentle drips do add up over time to cause expensive structural damage.

In this article, we bring you through the causes of leaky showers as well as detection steps that you can take. Two obvious symptoms of a leaking shower are tiles peeling off walls and cracks splitting the surface of the floor of your shower recess. The former may also involve tiles suddenly falling off and crashing to the ground. However, more often than not, you will be able to spot less obvious symptoms prior to this. 

Your initial inspection should include not just the shower or your toilet, but also the surrounding walls. You should check your bathroom and bedroom walls for flaking or peeling paint coupled with a musty smell or signs of mould growth. These are early warning signs that a hidden leak is in action. For prospective buyers of a house, you should be wary that each of these signs can be easily concealed by a fresh coat of paint, a liberal spray of air freshener and well placed silicone moulds respectively. 

Should you suspect your bathroom of having a hidden shower leak, you should contact a water leakage Singapore company to conduct a full inspection of your premise. Gaps and leakages can be nearly impossible to spot to the untrained naked eye owning to their uncanny ability to be in spots that we do not often look at. For example, a known spot for leakages include areas where floor tiles meet bathroom walls. Where this area is not sealed properly, a path way for water to seep into is created. This is where professionals in the waterproofing industry prove their value. They have been trained to look out for such weaknesses in infrastructure and have commercial equipment to detect leakages. 

Attempting to wait it out or to delay engagement of a professional waterproofing company might lead to further damage to the internal structure of your home. It cannot be stressed enough that in the case of water leakages, time is of the essence.