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Do you find yourself watching luxurious house tours on YouTube? Every time you flip through a lifestyle magazine, do you stop to gaze at that photo of an elegant bedroom set up in the Scandinavian style? Do you often catch yourself longing to build and decorate a dream home? While we’re sure you’ll get there one day, in the meantime you should be grateful for what you already have and there’s no stopping you from turning your modest abode into a modern-chic haven that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Sprucing up your ordinary-looking living room or grooming a bathroom does not necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. There is a wide array of ideas available on the internet and an even wider selection of products that will aid you in a home makeover, in no time. Here is our list of home improvements that are sure to transform your humble abode into a home that’s fit to be featured in vogue.

Storage beds

When people say that the kitchen is the heart of a home, we argue that the bedroom is indeed the most integral part of a home, as it is this space that provides the most comfort. And perhaps the easiest and least time-consuming way to glam up your bedroom is to get a new bed. Getting storage beds is an even better idea because firstly, who doesn’t like some extra storage and most importantly, under the bed storage is ideal for items like extra clothing and blankets that are injurious to space’s visual appeal. With a storage bed, you get an ample amount of space, which was otherwise being wasted underneath the floor of your bed, one that is large enough to accommodate bulky items that were previously eating up a chunk of your closet.


Remodel your bathroom

What is the first room that you walk into as soon as you wake up? Of course the bathroom. A miserable bathroom with water-eroded tiles, a grimy bathtub and dull lighting is hardly going to give you the energy required for the rest of the day. Some new products and a couple of DIY projects can give your bathroom a complete facelift.  Start by adding a granite countertop to your vanity for that touch of stone. Next, you can either swap your shower door with a frosted version or simply leave the space ajar for a more open feel. If you have a bathtub, freshen up the grout and surrounding tile by using a tub and tile refinishing kit easily available on Amazon. Finish the look, by adding some fresh paint, an elegant gold-trimmed mirror and a pot of plant for a splash of colour. With a couple of hundred dollars and minimum elbow grease, you’ll have yourself a bathroom that you’ll want to show off to future house guests.


Yes, you read it right, we did say wallpaper. Believe it or not, the wallpaper trend is back into popularity and stores are offering patterns and designs so chic and classy that they will make you wonder why you ever hated the thought of wallpaper. Even though the prices of some of these new designs are astonishing, nobody said you had to sheet up all four walls of a room. Wallpaper on one wall is the latest inclination in interior decor and we are all for it. Whether you choose to paper a wall of your bedroom or your living room, the design and colour you choose should be in accordance with the ambience you’re trying to create.


Be it the kitchen, or your closet or the pantry, everything needs proper organization to look suave. Start with your kitchen cabinets by installing rollout shelving to get better access to all the utensils and items that get buried into the depths. The best part is that these rollouts don’t require new cabinets and are just installed by mounting onto existing cabinet walls. Your next area of attention should be the bedroom closet. A new wire shelving system will dramatically alter the look of your wardrobe in addition to making it more functional by providing a dedicated space for each item of clothing. They considerably increase storage space and even aid in better cleaning by keeping stuff off the floor. Moving to the pantry, if you don’t wish to spend a large sum of money you can DIY an organization system by getting bins and baskets from local home stores. Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration for all your organizational ideas.

Efficient laundry system

Take a good look around your laundry room. There’s a high chance that it isn’t functioning in an optimally efficient manner. You would probably dread doing laundry lesser if only your laundry system was better planned. Start by getting a new countertop and adding large bottom shelves to store your laundry baskets. Make sure to add drawers or cabinets, whichever suit your needs better, to store your detergents and other cleaning supplies. Above the countertop, install a mounted wire shelf with hanging space for those easily wrinkled office shirts. If you don’t already have one, adding a washbasin is a highly practical idea so that you can pre-soak and spot clean all in one space.

These are some major home improvements that require a certain budget but there are always those minuscule changes that have a great impact without burning a hole in your pocket. Changing out old knobs and other such hardware, with shiny new ones, is an easy and light-on-the-pocket way to enhance the look of cabinets and furniture. You can also, sand down and re-paint old dressers and dining tables to elude getting new furniture without having to buy it. Lighting in the house is also one aspect that most people tend to overlook. Modern and sleek light fixtures are readily available and without a hefty price tag but are sure to transform the ambience of your home. Furthermore give the rather neglected areas of your home, such as an entryway, some overdue love by adding some greenery for that added appeal. A lot of cash isn’t necessarily a pre-requisite for a beautiful home because it really is love that transforms a house into a home.