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If we could make our windows and doors last forever, a lot of us would, but the sincere truth is that they won’t! With the cost of home renovation projects constantly on the rise, it is easy to put off your windows and doors replacement until it becomes completely necessary. Eventually at some point, your windows and doors will wear out or age beyond repair and the best possible option will be to replace them. At this point, knowing when exactly to replace them is key.

Listed below are 5 tell-tale signs your windows and doors are due for replacement;


Chipped paint, mold growth and deterioration are few of the factors that causes windows and doors to lose their aesthetic appeal. The quality and aesthetic appeal of your doors and windows go a long way in boosting the overall curb appeal of your home. Whether inside or outside, once you start noticing any physical damage or signs of deterioration in your doors and windows, you should look to have them replaced as soon as possible.


Do you have to support your window or door with an object before it stays open or close? Are you experiencing difficulty opening and closing your warped door and windows? If this sounds anything like you, then you need a window and door replacement. Operating your windows and doors should not be a struggle or exercise. If you’re having problem closing or opening your window with ease, then something is definitely wrong and you should look into having them replaced


As your doors and windows start to wear out, warp or age, they tend to let in more air from the environment while letting the warm or cool air circulating in your home in your home escape outside. Draft also causes increased energy bill as they render your heating and cooling system inefficient. Once you notice draft coming into your home, you should consider having your old windows and doors replaced immediately.


A continuous surge in energy bill is the worst nightmare of any homeowner. Weak seals, warped frame of old windows and doors are the primary sources of draft in your home. Draft causes a continuous exchange of air between your home and the environment which reduces the efficiency of your heating or air conditioning system thereby causing a steady increase in your energy bill. If you have been noticing a steady increase in your monthly energy bill, you should look to have your windows and doors replaced.


You can hear noise from the environment in your home when standing close to your shut windows and doors? This could only mean one thing; your windows and doors are no longer soundproof. From failed seals, to poor window or door material, inefficient soundproofing can be caused by a number of factors. Whichever the case may be, once you start hearing audible noise from the environment in your home while your windows and doors are shut, you should look to have them replaced as soon as possible.