How Do You Style A Small Bathroom?

Styling a small bathroom can be very tricky, especially if you have limited space to work with. Dark walls generally evoke a certain elegance, richness, and comfort. Dark bathrooms make a bold and dramatic aesthetic which, no matter the space, makes a strong statement. While dark colors are simply timeless and beautiful, there are still some considerations to keep in mind when utilizing them in smaller bathrooms. There are several ways to create a stylish bathroom that will be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable.

Start out by evaluating your color scheme. Most often, a small bathroom with a dull color scheme will look out of place and feel cramped. When choosing paint, think about the wall colors, flooring, window treatments, and cabinet paint. Avoid heavy, bright colors; instead, choose neutral, earth tones. Bright wallpaper is another no-no in a small bathroom; instead, choose elegant, smooth, and flat paint for the walls.

Keep things simple. You may want to keep the colour scheme minimal so as not to overwhelm the room, but this doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from colour. A good tip is to choose one or two main colours that complement each other. If your textiles and towels contrast strongly, you can balance them out with a complimentary colour such as a pale cream or beige.

Storage is important, especially in smaller bathrooms where space is limited. As with any room, the goal is to increase the usefulness of that space while minimizing clutter. Choose mirrors and cabinets that have enough storage to hide your clutter while also allowing access to all areas of the room. Remember to keep things organised by using cabinets or drawers that are easy to pull out and label. Remember that you don’t always have to store everything; some small items can simply be placed on the floor.

When choosing paint for a small bathroom, opt for a paint with a soft, natural tone. This is great if you don’t want the room to look too bright or unnatural. Natural wood tones are always a nice addition to a bathroom, but you can also use almost any shade of brown or white. White or light coloured tiles can act as a contrast feature wall.

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How Do You Style A Small Bathroom? [Infographics]