How dry-cleaning works

Dry Cleaning Refers to cleaning garments and fabrics by utilizing a chemical solvent as opposed to water. The dry-cleaning process is commonly utilized on fabrics that can’t withstand the rigors of a standard washer and dryer. It additionally eliminates the need for tedious hand washing.

  1. Tagging -Each item is labelled with an ID number. A few dry cleaners use paper labels that are stapled or stuck to the piece of clothing. Others utilize an iron-on strip with a scanner tag. Segregation of garments takes place based on color, weight and material and care required for different fabrics and labeling guarantees that your garments come back to you.
  1. Inspection: Before garments are cleaned, dry cleaners investigate for things left in pockets, tears, and missing buttons. Inspection is important to note down the problems if any prior to cleaning and inform the customers accordingly.
  1. Stain pre-treatment: As a component of inspection, the cleaner checks for stains on the garments and treats them before solvent cleaning process. In the event that you know what caused a particular stain, it is very useful to inform the cleaner to get the best outcomes in the stain removal process.
  1. Machine Dry Cleaning: Soiled garments are stacked into a drum machine and cleaned with a water free solvent. The garments are delicately agitated in the solution to remove the dirt. The solvent is filtered, drained, and reused and then garments are washed in a fresh solvent to flush away any last remains of dirt.
  1. Post spotting: The dry-cleaning process works very well in expelling oil-based stains. However, other kinds of stains may not be successfully removed. So all pieces of clothing are spotted once again to check for residual stains. The stains are treated with steam, water, or even a vacuum to expel any residual traces.
  1. Finishing – Last but not the least is to getting the fabric ready to wear, including steaming or pressing.

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