How Often Should I Clean My Carpet


With many people walking on carpets and things such as eraser dust ‘disappearing’ into carpets, carpets can get very dirty. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning Singapore is something that is often forgotten about.

More often than not, carpets may look seemingly clean but are in fact very dirty. Many people tend to think that carpets are clean as long as they are not visibly stained. Additionally, most people also believe that vacuuming the carpet regularly suffice as carpet cleaning. However, vacuuming only removes lose debris on your carpet.

Carpets collect all sorts of dirt that get trapped within the carpet bed. Common dirt that gets collected include dust from the air, food crumbs, dead skin and even dust mites. In a humid country like Singapore, the growth of mould and bacteria is promoted.

While a carpet might appear to be clean, they could actually be trapping a lot of dirt. Living and working within the premises of a poorly maintained carpet is unhygienic and in the long run can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma and eczema.

These health risks posed by dirty carpets can be easily resolved through carpet cleaning Singapore.

Types Of Carpets

The frequency to which carpets need to be clean is largely dependent on how it is used and the foot traffic is receives.

Residential Carpets

Most families in Singapore often remove footwear before entering their homes. As such, while our carpets might appear to be clean because we do not wear shoes into our homes, it does not mean that our carpets are clean.

There are many other sources of dust and dirt that can be trapped in our carpets at home. Such sources include dust particles in the air contributed by traffic and construction. These dust particles are not visible to the naked eye and often settle into the carpets without us knowing.

Residential carpets should be cleaned twice a year or at least once a year.

For homes with pets, carpets might collect dirt from shedding or any dirt that gets tracked in by your pet. Similarly, homes with children have a higher likelihood of spillages on carpets. As a result, more frequent carpet cleaning will be required to maintain the cleanliness of carpets.

Office Carpets

In an office, people come and go and walk about. This causes dirt to be trapped in the carpet. Especially since workers come from various places, dirt from everywhere is being tracked into the office every day. To maintain the hygiene of the carpets, they should be cleaned at least once every 6 months or even monthly if possible.

Maintaining clean carpets not only prevents the indoor quality of your home and office but also maintenance the appearance of the carpet. This can help your home to look clean and help to maintain the corporate image of your company.