How To Clean The House From The Hairs Of Pets

Anyone with a furry friend in the house knows how important his presence is! What a pet gives in terms of affection and how it can improve the quality of life of its owners is now also scientifically proven. It is true, however, that these four-legged friends require commitment, dedication and even greater cleanliness of the environment in which we live.

Dogs and cats that live at home with us, but often turn around outside, inevitably collect dirt and germs, which are deposited on their paws and fur. While for the legs we recommend regular cleaning with a damp cloth or hygienic wipes for animals, for the issue of hair the speech is more complex.

A washing of the animal itself is a must, with a frequency that changes depending on the type and length of its fur, so it will certainly know how to recommend your vet of confidence. Especially in seasonal changes when the natural wetsuit occurs, it would be good practice to clean the four-legs with special brushes that eliminate the excess undercoat. Alternatively, you can use latex gloves or rubber gloves (those that are in the supermarket for cleaning or washing dishes), slightly moistened in water, and, caressing your hairy, remove any “hairs” too. Choose the method that best suits your animal, so that it is a cuddle for him too.

To eliminate the residues of hair lost at home by Fufi and Fido, here are a few tips.

– Why is it important to remove dog hair from home?

No matter how much you keep your furry friends clean, perfectly brushed and regularly visited by your vet, so very healthy, dog hair is still one of the preferred environments for mites.

If we take into account the fact that the same dog hair is considered an allergen, and we combine it with mites and dust, it is easy to see how an accumulation of hair on the floor, on carpets or on sofas can turn into a time bomb especially for sensitive or allergic people.

Removing hair from furniture

Having a strong electrostatic charge, the hairs of our animals, just like human hair, have a tendency to settle on furniture and surfaces in general, but are difficult to remove. We recommend using an electrostatic cloth that collects dust and hair instead of just moving them, or a simple piece of cotton moistened in water and well wrung: this will capture everything, and prevent it from going into the air and repossessing on the furniture.

Washing carpets

The maintenance of the carpets, beloved accessories of acrredo but often receptacle of mites and germs, should be careful and regular. We have already seen in another article how to clean carpets and rugs, but if we have a pet you may need a little more elbow oil and a brush that eliminates the access of hair accumulated in the texture of the fabric.

How to remove pet hair at home

Remove hairs from floors

In order to avoid having an unwanted carpet of animal hair in your home, it is sometimes necessary to use a vacuum cleaner. There are special models for collecting animal hair, with brushes suitable for not being blocked and filters designed to capture fine particles, allergens and dust harmful to health. In order not to have a daily cleaning commitment, you can choose the cleaning robots, that is those futuristic devices that go around the house without needing our commitment and clean well even in the corners; not everyone is confident in this type of help, but if you can try an appliance like this you can evaluate whether it is right for you or not.

Garments are also often the point of collection for hairs. For several reasons, including hygiene, it is recommended not to let the animals sleep in bed with us, but to provide them with a comfortable and cozy kennel. However, if you need to remove hairs from your cotton underwear or clothing, adhesive clothing brushes may be useful, as they are the most effective in this case. For synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, even a single pass with bare hands moistened, or with latex or rubber gloves moistened, works very well.

Despite all these precautions, those who own a dog or cat know very well that the hairs can never be completely eliminated, but it is a small price to pay, compared to the special relationship that is established with our beautiful and faithful friends to four-legged.

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