Home Improvement

How to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

When it comes to moving to a new home, there’s no question that there is an adjustment period. Here are some ideas to help you get settled in.

Create Your Ideal Space

While it would be great to be in love with every single part of your home right away, that’s not always the case. Remember that you hold the key to creating your ideal space.

Maybe the kitchen is the one room in the house that makes zero sense for your growing family. Before the frustration builds, see what general contractors Hartsdale NY think about ways to create a more usable, family-friendly kitchen.

Have a few hours? Turn a dark and cold room into one that feels bright and warm with a fresh coat of paint. Take it further by adding texture and contrast throughout with furniture, textiles, lighting and decor. Making these small changes also makes it easy to change the actual purpose of a room, such as turning an underused spare bedroom into a playroom or a home office.

Bring the Comforts of Home With You

Most people can identify with feeling out of sorts, sad, lonely or isolated in a new place simply because it doesn’t feel homey. Even though these feelings typically fade over time once you get settled, helping yourself through those first few weeks is important.

Prioritize the personal things such as making your bed, getting your daughter’s room set up, and organizing your closet right away. Set out any little touches that deliver some nostalgia or a sense of comfort, such as a certain music album, photos of loved ones or a new plant. Don’t be afraid to throw a batch of slice-and-bake cookies in the oven while the boxes pile up around you, because what smells more like home than cookies?