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I Want to Buy an Apartment. Where to Begin?


Calculate how much money is required?

The price of an apartment, first of all, depends on the area. Therefore, research housing prices in your city. It does not take a lot of time.

Use search: First, specify the parameters of the apartment: number of rooms, area, Commodore floor plans, and so on.

You will see all offers that match the characteristics. You can immediately identify a specific area – for this, mark the required area on the map or fill in the “Address” field.

Now you need to discard the cheapest options – about 10%. Such offers usually involve legal or other risks. Sort the apartments starting with the cheapest ones, and then adjust the price range using the slider.

You will receive the approximate cost of the future apartment. This is your guideline for preparing the required amount or mortgage application.

  1. What to do when the budget is small?

If there are few or no offers in your price range, you can focus on finding housing in a house under construction at the excavation stage. Such apartments are on average 30% cheaper than in a finished house.

You can also look for small apartments in the secondary market or take out a mortgage.

  1. Not Enough to Buy – Take a Mortgage 

If your own savings are not enough, but you have a steady income, a mortgage will be the solution. The rates are now quite comfortable: from 0.1% per annum.

  1. Ready to wait – choose a new building 

In addition to the price, such housing has other advantages: new communications, modern layouts, clean legal history. If the developer is conscientious, you will not have problems with documents and ownership.

But there are some nuances here. For example, the developer may delay the deadline. Therefore, it is better to contact trusted developers. JBL Developers is a reputed name in the construction industry in Singapore. They are renowned for quality condo developments at affordable prices. Their past projects are: The Luxe at handy Road, 53 Private home terraces house in Sembawang, Skypark Residence at Sembawang Drive, Singature at Yishun Street and Luxe Ville on Pasir Panjang road. Their present project is “The Commodore residential complex” situated at Canberra Drive. The housing complex will be equipped with deluxe facilities and modern layout. The close proximity to schools, kindergartens, shopping complexes, restaurants, Singapore’s main belt, MRT station and parks make this location loved by many people.

  1. If you want to move immediately – buy a secondary property 

Of course, if you urgently need to resolve the housing issue, then it is better to choose ready-made housing. The house is inhabited, all communications are connected, the yard is landscaped, the infrastructure has already been formed. It is easy to find out the nuances – you can ask neighboursabout the problems and merits of the house. And the minimum repair will cost not hundreds, but only tens of thousands of bucks.

But you do not need to forget about the minuses. The inhabited house is slowly but surely moving into the category of old housing with worn out communications. A major replacement is expensive.

  1. Measure seven times – buy once 

No fuss and rash decisions! Remember the main thing: you are buying an apartment in which you will live for many more years. Therefore, there is no rush here.

List the most important search criteria. Decide what should be the house itself, layout and area, which must be nearby. Weigh the pros and cons, look at as many offers as possible, and be sure to bargain.