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Important Checklist To Cover When Buying Manufactured Homes

Have you been thinking of getting a used mobile home? As you would not be purchasing the home directly from the builder making it in the factory, it would be in your best interest to ensure that you learn the right home buying tips from the experts or a suitable home buying guide.

Using these home buying tips, an inspection checklist, and a good manufactured home buying guide would ensure that you have covered all vital aspects of making the purchase.

Confirm The Model Name

Foremost, you should gather adequate knowledge and understanding of the model name, manufacturer, and date of manufacture before purchasing a mobile home. You would be required to look for a HUD data plate located inside the cupboard or closet door. You could verify the information for your insurance and bank.

Size Of The Home

Consider checking the size of the manufactured home twice with a measuring tape, leaving no doubt for error. It would be imperative that you know about your actual square footage.

The Home Should Adhere To HUD Guidelines.

Consider searching for a small metal tag outside every trailer section to ensure that every part adheres to the federal HUD guidelines. The home cannot be sold without a HUD data plate. It would also not pass inspections.

Looking For Resale Inspector Approval

Ensure that a third-party resale inspector has approved the building. It would ensure that the building is legal for sale.


Consider taking out floor insurance if your home has been located in a Flood Hazard Area.

Home Depreciation

It would be in your best interest to look for a manufactured home in a community having similar homes. It would ensure that your home would depreciate slowly.

The Drainage

Consider examining the drainage and ensure that water and moisture have been drawn away from home. Look for any sign of standing water under or near the structure. It would also be imperative that you look for signs of water leakage inside the home on plumbing, doors, ceilings, and windows.

A Thorough Inspection

It would be in your best interest to conduct a thorough inspection of the house. Consider checking the axles and replacing the rubber tires for the smooth moving of the house. It would be imperative to check the passing of building codes, water damage, and electricity safety.

Ensure you complete all items on your home buying checklist before buying a manufactured home.