Issues That Maintaining Your Gate Can Address

Maintaining your electric gate is vital to its longevity and can help you avoid costly repairs in the long run. Electric gate maintenance can address and prevent a wide variety of potential issues. However, there are three specific issues that electric gate owners will no doubt be familiar with. All three of the problems on this list are commonly seen in electric gates that have not been properly maintained by professionals. As you might expect, regular professional maintenance will help prevent or mitigate mechanical and electrical problems caused by insects, weather and poor lubrication. To learn more about common problems that can be solved by electric gate maintenance, keep reading.


Depending on where you are, insects may be a big problem for your electric gate. Extremely small insects, such as gnats, tend to get inside the mechanical and electrical components of the gate and wreak havoc. It is especially common for insects to get inside the circuit board and cause damage to the delicate electrical components there. This can result in expensive repairs. Maintenance by professionals can ensure that delicate components are tightly sealed, which will prevent insects from causing damage to your electric gate.


No matter where you live, the weather may be a problem for your electric gate. These gates can be damaged by rain, hail, or even simply the heat. Even though electric gates are routinely treated for rust, it may still be a problem if your gate hasn’t had a treatment for a while. Weather is one of the most common causes for electric gate issues, but many of these issues can be avoided. Avoiding these problems will save you money and stress. Simply having your gate prepared and treated for the weather in your area by experienced professionals should do the trick.


Electric gates feature several moving parts such as wheels, hinges and chains. All of these components need to stay lubricated at all times to ensure the optimal performance of your electric gate. Over time, this lubrication will slowly dry up. This means that the components of your gate will need to be re-lubricated at regular intervals. Some homeowners attempt to do this themselves. However, professionals know what sort of lubricants to use and just how to apply them in order to ensure the performance and longevity of your electric gate. In the end, it may be easier to simply let the pros handle the job.