It’s Time To Install Air Conditioning

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We’re all looking to be more comfortable in our homes. That’s a major driver of home improvements. One of the best ways to be comfortable in your home, or let’s face it anywhere, is to be at a comfortable temperature. With the northern hemisphere heading toward winter and the southern hemisphere getting ready for a hot summer, it’s time to think about air conditioning.

Cool In Summer, Warm In Winter

When we think about air conditioning we might think about cooling. But these days reverse cycle air conditioners are actually a very efficient way of heating also. In fact, for many of us, it will be the most efficient heating option available to us.  That’s what makes reverse cycle air conditioners such a great choice. And why, no matter whether you’re heading into summer or winter, you should consider getting air conditioning installed. 

Getting The Right Air Conditioner

You want to get the right system for your home. If you have a big home and you want to control the air temperature throughout, then ducted air conditioning will be good for you. But if you want something for a smaller home (or budget!) then a split system is the choice for you. Split systems are the ones where the condenser unit sits outside (but close to the header unit) and the header is mounted on your wall. 

If you’re getting a ducted system then you will no doubt deal with a professional company who will specify what you need. With split systems it can be a bit different. There are many ways to get them installed. Some people buy a unit off the shelf and get someone to install it for them, for instance. 

When you’re choosing a system be aware that you want the right system for the area you are covering. For instance, a 2.1kW system will be perfect for a small room, such a bedroom. Whereas a 7kW system will work for a larger area, such as open plan lounge and kitchen area. Getting the right system is vital for the efficiency of that system. You might think, for instance, that getting a smaller system will always have cheaper running costs. But if it is working too hard to heat or cool an area then it will be less efficient and more costly than a larger unit.

Air Conditioner Installation

There are a couple of elements to consider when choosing an installer. For instance, you want to make sure they are certified. In Australia, that means ARCtick certification. ARC are the Australian Refrigeration Council. They are the peak body for training, resourcing and certifying people who work in the HVAC industry. You want to make sure that the person who installs your air conditioner are certified by the relevant body in your area. 

Something else to consider is whether they can complete the electrical installation. At some point the air conditioning unit will need to be connected to your power (usually via an isolation switch). That will require a certified electrician. Many air conditioning installers can’t legally complete this step because they’re not licensed electricians. They’ll liaise with an electrician to connect it for them. This can lead to extra costs so be mindful when looking at quotes. You don’t want to pay a call-out fee for an electrician to complete fifteen minutes of work. A good option for air conditioning installation South East Electrical are a licensed air conditioning installation company and electricians. A company like this is an easy and cost-effective way to get your system installed. 


Get ready for summer or winter by upgrading the quality of your living with new air conditioning. It’s a great home improvement, adding value to your home and comfort to those who live in it.