Look Through the Filter and the Choose the Best Mover

What is the price of a move? What is the price of a mover? How to calculate the price of a move according to the volume to be moved? How to convert the volume to be moved to M3? How to calculate the price of the move according to the configuration of your home and the distance?

Which moving solution to choose?

 A move is an important step in a lifetime. It is a real upheaval in everyday life with new perspectives that can go beyond the simple change of location (change of region, country, change of job, change of life). Also this step can be stressful and a source of conflict if the move is poorly prepared in advance.

The first choice to make is the type of move you want to undertake. You have 2 possibilities. Either you choose to take care of your move yourself with the rental of a moving truck or you decide to entrust your move to professional movers. Both options have their pros and cons.

Regarding the price, nothing is said that the first option is more economical than the second. Indeed, it all depends on the configuration of your move. Also I invite you to compare the 2 solutions before choosing your type of move. In this article we will present the price of a move with the price of a professional mover. You can find an article on the blog which presents the price of renting a moving truck and then compare the 2 solutions to determine which one is best suited to your case. Choosing the commercial movers in florida in this matter happens to be perfect in every way.

How to calculate the price of a move?

Before calculating the price of a move, you will need to establish an assessment of your needs. You can make this estimate yourself or contact a professional directly for a free, non-binding estimate in order to get a precise estimate from a professional mover.

Calculate the volume to be moved per m3

The price will vary depending on the size or rather the volume of the goods to be moved. To estimate the volume per m3 of your move, you can find tools and calculators on the web that allow you to assess the volume of your goods. You can also have the estimate of a professional by making a free request for a quote from an artisan mover.

The configuration of the 2 houses

The price of a move will also vary depending on the configuration of the 2 properties. Depending on the number of floors, the presence of a staircase or an elevator and therefore the level of general accessibility, the price of a mover will vary. The level of difficulty of the move therefore influences the price. Also it is in some cases cheaper to move a house than an apartment, however smaller in surface.

The distance of the move

Of course, the distance between the 2 homes must also be taken into account. The higher is this distance, the higher is the price of a move.