Luxury Homes around the World


Homes are like a second heart to us and it is indeed a necessity for all. However, we all know how the cost of living has grown tremendously over the past few years and that has happened by including all sorts of essentials such as food, power, transport, lifestyle, etc.

With the growing population and the increase in demand and supply in business, there is also a need to increase the living standard of the population and to suit this; some of the people have chosen an extraordinary way of living, i.e. by buying homes in real estate.

Known Real Estates around the World:

Research has concluded that only a few homes around the world cost about $300 million or more. Apparently, with an amount of $1.55 billion, the Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth resides is the world’s most valuable residence. On the other hand, a competitor to this place would be Antila in Mumbai worth $1 billion and is the home to Reliance Industries’ Chairman, the wealthiest person in India.

Now in terms of the world, Hong Kong has the most expensive real estate with a record of continuous 5 years after which Singapore and Shanghai come in line. For further notes, research has been conducted that said that the average price of homes in Hong Kong is not less than $1.2 million and this is indeed the result of the growing needs of the people as discussed earlier. 

The luxurious real estates in Monaco:

On the other hand, Monaco has been quite famous all over the world for good and luxurious homes to many. Starting from Italy to Eastern Europe, Britain, South Africa, Australia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, the Middle East, and Asia, Monaco has buyers from all over the places.

The homes in Monaco are owned by privileged billionaires and millionaires who get to taste the best of the world factors all at once. Starting from a good view to good weather and fancy lifestyle including luxurious items around, Monaco offers the best anyone could ever imagine.

There are many websites that show their audience the availability of luxury apartments for sale in Monaco and one of them is monacoestate.com