Maid cleaning service

Just because we have gotten way busy in our lives, it is hard for us to manage the housework all by yourself. At this point, we need another hand that can help us in operating the cleaning service. For this editorial, we will write about the maid cleaning services, which is of utmost importance as it not only saves your time and energy, but it also leaves your house professionally clean.

What are maids supposed to do?

If you are living anywhere near Laval, Montreal, Longueuil, and Gatineau, etc. you know how important it is to have a maid service. We are known as the most significant Montreal cleaning services. We are one of the certified housekeeping companies in Montreal. The entire menage company consists of groups of professionals who make your house worth living with their high standard cleanliness.

What are the tasks that our professional maids perform during their duty hours?

Here are some of the services which are included in the maid cleanings services:


The maids will clean all the household appliances like counters, sink, window borders, the gaps of ventilation, the fixture of the light, thermostats and even the switches of the house.


The maids are responsible for disinfecting and thorough cleaning of the bathtub, the toilet bowl and the shower stall and the sink too. There are other minor services which they also perform like clearing if there is any mould, removal of the stains from the walls and dyes, etc.

Dining room:

The maid service includes a thorough dusting of the furniture, vacuuming, and mopping of the floor.

Laundry room:

They thoroughly clean the dryer and the washer. Besides that, they also have to perform the vacuuming of the area like floor, ceiling and even the walls of the room.

That one reason why you should choose our maid cleaning services?

Menage total maid cleaning service is known for the best housekeeping services in the city. We only hire professionals who have working experience to achieve optimum client satisfaction. Our company is established in 2010 and ever since we have done everything to improve the quality of the work of our team members. Our professionals come with updated supplies and equipment so that you can have the cleaned house you dream of. One of the good things regarding this company you can have your maid at your doorstep in the minimal time possible.


Having a maid cleaning services which can work under little supervision the form of work you want is the dream of everyone. In this context, we have shared with you one of the best Montreal cleaning services which provide everything that the client desire. The services that our professional cleaners offer are vast and thorough so if you want to have cleaning house services like that in hotels then do give a call to menage total cleaning Service Company and be amazed by the cleanliness.