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Natural Stone As The Best Wall Cladding For Original And Warm Spaces

Natural stone is the best wall covering for both interior and exterior. A natural stone wall is durable and resistant and allows you to create warm and comfortable spaces. In this post, we will give you ideas to get it.

There are varieties of Pro Stone Countertops with different colors and textures. Choosing the most suitable type is simple if we take into account what type of decoration we want, and the style we want to bring to our home.

Coating With Natural Stone Using Panels

Natural stone panels add a sophisticated and original style to the wall cladding. Cladding a wall with stone panel allows for greater stability to the cladding. 

In addition, its installation is simpler since the panels can be cut without risk of detachment. The cementitious base of the panels guarantees perfect adhesion, and their useful life is longer than that of other wall coverings.

Type Of Stone Most Used: Slate, Quartzite, Limestone And Gneiss

Choosing the type of stone for a wall covering is important. The most used materials are slate, quartzite, limestone, and gneiss, thanks to its aesthetic qualities and its variety of finishes. Slate is a compact, highly durable stone available in shades from gray to dark, black or green.

Similarly, quartzites are a very useful type of coating given their high resistance to changes in temperature. Covering the exterior walls with stone with quartzite will add a rustic style to your home.

Limestone is a perfect option for wall cladding thanks to its high resistance. This type of stone achieves a harmonious decorative finish of extraordinary beauty. It is one of the types of coatings most used to cover walls, thanks to its impermeability as well as its thermal inertia.

Gneiss guarantees a stable, long-lasting, and aesthetic result to cover any outdoor space with stone.

Keys To Getting The Perfect Rustic Style 

Choosing natural stone as a wall covering will give your home a unique rustic style full of personality. One of the keys to combining it is to use the mixture in the decoration. For example, choosing contemporary objects for a living room lined with stone will add an elegant style to our home.

On the other hand, combining natural stone on the walls with wood on the floor or furniture will create a very warm rustic style. Playing with contrasts is always a good idea to get a cozy home. And, of course, always choosing simplicity when choosing accessories for decoration will help us create the perfect rustic style.