New creative DIYs for your kitchen

Bread, jam, pasta, pesto, ice cream: there is everything we can make ourselves in the kitchen. That is not only very hip, it also has many advantages: making something yourself saves money and is also great fun. Not only food, but also decoration and storage furniture for the kitchen you can easily make yourself. Whether you like eye-catching or simple, order or organized chaos: do-it-yourself allows you to create something that suits you and your kitchen completely. Be inspired by our 3 DIY ideas and get started yourself!

Old ladder in a new jacket

The kitchen is often the heart of the house. Here we cook, bake and chat for hours with each other. Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, it is nice to keep this space uncluttered. That is not always easy. Make a visit to www.housener.com for a perfect ideas for the same.

DIY_Kitchen decoration

You need this:

  • An old wooden ladder
  • Sandpaper
  • Lacquer or paint in your favorite color
  • A brush
  • Brackets
  • Screws

This is how it is made:

First free the ladder from cobwebs, dust and dirt. If you want to paint your new kitchen rack or paint it in a color, first sand the wood smooth with a piece of sandpaper. This also prevents the risk of splinters. Then apply a layer of varnish or paint to the ladder, let it dry and then we are almost done! Now only attach a few hooks on the front to which you can hang tea towels and kitchen utensils. Although shards bring good luck, we anchor the ladder to the wall with screws. In this way our home-made rack remains stable.

Herb garden in the kitchen

Spicy coriander, fresh parsley, wonderfully scented basil: herb plants in the kitchen are really a must if you like to cook. Fresh herbs give your dishes extra taste and bring color to the kitchen. Moreover, they spread a wonderful scent.

DIY_Herbal garden

You need this:

– Old ceramic bowl or enamel pan

– Potting soil

– Herbal plants of your choice

This is how it is made:

In an old ceramic bowl or enamel pan, plant fresh herbs, just like flowers, in a pot: put the herb plants in nutritious soil, cover the roots and give them plenty of water. Make sure that the plants have enough space to grow. It depends on the herb whether it needs a lot or a little light and water. To prevent the plants from drowning, it is useful to drill a number of holes in the bottom of the bowl or pan.

Cupboard of crates

What we love about do-it-yourself is that we can breathe new life into so many different objects. If we think outside of the box, we can turn old wine or fruit boxes into a special storage unit. Stacked lengthwise or widthwise, standing on the floor or hanging on the wall: you determine the end result yourself. What fits best in your kitchen?

You need this:

  • Wooden boxes
  • Screws

This is how it is made:

First, the simplest variant: place several boxes next to or on top of each other to create a kind of open cupboard. Do you already know what you want to store in it? Then determine in advance how many boxes you will need. Screw the boxes together to prevent them from sliding.