Perfect Choices for the Best Fabric Banners

With the internet infested with promotional and mostly low quality banners, it is normal for the public to see them negatively and not to draw attention anymore.

You only have about 10 seconds to impress someone who is visiting your site, this is the time he is willing to spend to find something of interest to you. This time is related to the content of your page.

According to research done, when it comes to branding like icons and custom fabric banners, you have less than 1 second to leave a good impression. Although it seems a bit difficult, there is a way around it, we will give you, in this post, some tips to create a successful Banner for even the most demanding visitors.

Banners with a lot of elements tend to get fewer clicks because the brain gets confused by so much information. The level of interest for uploaded images is very low, as it is more difficult to know what it is and where to start reading the elements.

Put only what really matters in the Banner

Anything that makes the message explicit to the visitor will make your ad read much more enjoyable and more likely to receive clicks.

Be objective in the text

  • Like images, text must also be extremely objective. Be direct and tell your offer quickly.
  • You need to know how to choose words, in which case less is more! Then decrease the amount of Banner text and increase the font size.
  • You can use just a title, subtitle, and a call to action button, creating a hierarchy within your Banner. This makes reading easier and increases the chances of getting a click.
  • The text should also have plenty of contrast between the background and the letters , making it easier for visitors to read.
  • Avoid writing over multiple colors to avoid problems. One of the most important points for creating a successful banner is to use objective text . Never forget that.

Use high quality images

If an image speaks a thousand words, you should choose very carefully not to confuse who is seeing the banner. Whenever you use images, look for the highest quality images possible because low quality images show little concern for the business and its visitors.

Make the images understand

Everything you do on the internet needs to be loaded quickly so as not to frustrate the visitor when things take a long time to load you lose a possible sale.

The same rule applies to your Banner. The best way to make your ad load quickly is to compress it. But it must be done so that it does not lose quality or is as small as possible with quality.

Make elements well aligned

  • Nothing more discouraging than something messy.
  • The sense of organization says that when things are aligned they convey more responsibility, which is great for any type of business.

Also be careful with the spacing between each element, it is important that they are not too close so as not to make it difficult to read or interpret the images.