Prepare your home for the winter

To win the battle to the cold we must be faster than it. Next, we give you a winter preparation checklist for your home. Following our advice, your home will be more comfortable when temperatures drop and you will save costs.

1.- Avoid air currents

With the help of a candle, check that there are no air leaks in the windows of the house. Avoiding leaks will allow the interior heat to be preserved and you do not need to increase the power and expense of your boiler. Close the cracks using various materials such as silicone, putty or self-adhesive tapes.

2.- Isolate each room

The air that passes under the doors unbalances the ideal home temperature. To get an effective insulation of each room it is advisable to use weatherstrips and doors.

3.- Purge your radiators

Before the cold starts you should check the heating system. A basic task you can do yourself is to purge the radiators. It consists of eliminating the air inside the circuit and allowing water to travel through it without difficulty.

How is it done?

Slowly open the radiator wrench with a flat screwdriver. If it has air inside, it will emit a slight whistle and will expel a few drops of water. You can close the valve again when the whistle is finished and only a continuous thread of water comes out. Have a saucepan or basin on hand so that the liquid does not fall to the ground.

  1. Keep the chimney clean

A dirty chimney can cause a bad evacuation of gases and even a fire. Therefore, it is essential to clean it thoroughly every year. For greater security, we advise that this task be done by a professional.

5.- Use curtains and carpets

The decoration also fights the cold. Carpets and curtains, in addition to creating a greater feeling of warmth, isolate and reduce heat loss through the floor and windows.