Quick Home Updates


If you are feeling less than thrilled about the look in your home lately, fear not. There are several small steps you can take to spruce up your house without going through serious renovations. Check out the tips below and start enjoying your home again!

  1. Change the Lighting

One sure way to change up the ambiance in your home is to install new lighting in Florida. This could mean recessed lighting or even light dimmers to create a more relaxed atmosphere in an otherwise bright setting.

  1. Touch up Paint

When you still love the color scheme in your home, there is no need to repaint. If a room is looking a bit drab, try touching up nicks in the wall instead. Additionally, painting trim and windowsills can immediately brighten up the look of any room.

  1. Clean Rugs and Furniture

Try using a carpet cleaner to deep clean carpets and furniture. Cleaners with attachments easily clean sofas and other cloth furniture. This small effort can result in an instant facelift to a home. The added bonus here is it will also take care of one of your spring or fall cleaning checklist items.

  1. Change Decor

For times when you are unable to replace furniture but crave a new vibe in an area of your home, try making simple decor changes. For instance, add new throw pillows to your couch, hang new drapes or swap out your coffee table for a convenient ottoman. Small changes like these can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room.

Seemingly little details can turn an uninviting space into a warm and friendly one. Try changing lighting, touching up paint, cleaning rugs and furniture and changing the decor to give your home the atmosphere you crave. Afterward, all you’ll need to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor.