Reasons to change your toilet seat

The toilet seat is one of the vital items in a loo. It is the platform on which people seat to defecate and urinate. It is important to replace your homebase toilet seat when it is worn out or as soon as it becomes faulty.

  1. Wear and Tear
    It is not unusual for surfaces to wear down. The chemicals contained in the waste matter and flushing disinfectants are strong and gradually react with the ceramic or brick surface. Most seats are white in colour and despite the powerful disinfectants used, corrosion is evident with time. A notable fading effect and spots of brown or yellow clearly indicate the need for replacement. An impervious layer that is resistant to cleaning reagents is formed. With this extra layer, the toilet no longer remains fresh. Reaction with water produces a pungent odour that demands for more air fresheners.
  2. A Leaking Underneath
    The base of the toilet seat is often overlooked for long as other parts are changed. The bowl wears out over a long time underneath due to chemical reactions and it may end up leaking its contents to the floor. Whenever you flush the toilet there is a massive flow and after draining it there is gradual leakage. Read more on Leaks and Water-use efficiency.
    The leakage is unhygienic to the users and results in bad smell. A damp toilet seat and floor are nice breeding grounds for fungi that cause fungal infections. You can’t wait any longer with a leaking toilet bowl. Change your Homebase toilet seat immediately and source for the best durable model in the market. Beware of counterfeits and cheap less efficient brands.
  3. Unstable Surfaces
    If you realize that the toilet seat is shaky when you sit on it, then it is not worthy the task. With long-term use, a toilet seat may become loose. This might be as a result of the weight exerted by users on a rather weak toilet seat. Another case is when the seat cover becomes loose because the edges of attachment to the bowl have lost grip. You might also find out that the toilet seat has cracked. When water gets into those cracks the seat weakens further. This is a health hazard that you cannot overlook at all. Rush to a hardware for a replacement and engage a qualified plumber for perfect installation.
  4. Décor and Renovation
    There are times one may consider a uniform décor for the entire home meaning that even the lavatory needs a facelift to match the new looks. As such, buying a new toilet seat and undoing the old may be the best option. The new seat is painted in the colour and pattern of the décor at hand.

Renovation involves covering the floor and walls with tiles of a choice pattern. This helps to repair a slippery floor and rough or dirty walls. The toilet seat is replaced and reinstalled to get a uniform toilet and floor with a steady toilet seat that cannot leak.
The aesthetic appeal of your washroom matters. Change that old Homebase toilet seat!
Consider reading on frequency of toilet seat replacement.