Simple Ways To Have a Garden

Other than the obvious benefits of growing your own food, gardens have been shown to boost your mood and can even decrease your chances of dementia. If you don’t have much time or space to devote to a garden, don’t worry. Here are some simple ways you can have your own little garden.

Window Garden

If you have a large window that gets a lot of sunlight, you should consider growing a window garden. While a garden window that is built out and has shelves will always work best, it’s not the only way to have a window garden.

Whether you use a table or a sturdy shelving system to grow your plants, make sure you put down mats or clear drip trays to prevent water or dirt from getting everywhere. If you live somewhere with very hot days, you will want to be mindful of how much sun and heat are coming through the window. If the plants start to look wilted, you need to pull them back so they don’t die.

Container Garden

Container gardens are most popular with people who don’t have backyards, but anyone can do them. Virtually any sturdy container can be used for container gardening. When reusing containers that weren’t initially designed for gardening, such as a storage bin, you want to drill multiple holes in the bottom of it. Failing to do so will prevent water from draining, and the soil will quickly become soaked, which will kill the plants.

Raised Beds

Whether you have health issues and can’t get on the ground to work on a garden, or you plain just don’t want to, you can choose to do raised garden beds. You can choose to get one or two beds for smaller areas, or go bigger and do more of them.

Raised beds are also helpful because they help keep bugs and critters out of your hard work.